Obama: Would Michelle have married a nerd?

They say he's a bookworm, rather than a barfly.

They say he's more comfortable with the intricacies of policy making, rather than the crudities of glad-handing.

Such aspersions have clearly been preying on President Obama's mind. So where better to assert his true self than on "Between Two Ferns"?

This entirely serious "Funny Or Die" talk show, presented by policy wonk Zach Galifianakis, allows guests to reveal the sides of themselves that might have been in the shade of the spotlight.

The president showed his mean, masculine side when asked: "What's … Read more

Obama: We're building Iron Man

The real news sometimes passes us by, as we eke out our survival and freak out at the state of our lives.

I am grateful, therefore, to have been sent this snippet that might just change the way you think and live.

For here, at a White House press conference earlier this week, is President Obama revealing a "secret project we've been working on for some time."

What could this project be? A crowdsourced surveillance program? A health insurance Web site that works?

No, America is building Iron Man. … Read more

White House to announce its first-ever Maker Faire

The maker movement is officially coming to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Today, as CNET reported first, the White House announced its first-ever official Maker Faire, bringing a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math, not to mention the ground zero of the do-it-yourself world, to the home of the leader of the free world.

In 2012, President Obama was inspired by a visit to the White House's East Room by then 16-year-old Joey Hudy, who wowed him by firing off a marshmallow cannon. The kid, known now as Joey "Marshmallow" Hudy, then handed the president a business card … Read more

'SNL's Obama forced into selfie to make up for Merkel spying

Technology and the president of the United States have something of a 404-prone relationship.

Just as he's trying to get over the stunning debacle of a health care Web site that has more technical flaws than an ice-dancing walrus, along comes the so-called Selfiegate.

This was the moment during the Nelson Mandela memorial service when Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt inveigled both President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron into a selfie.

Some thought this lacked decorum, even though the memorial service was upbeat.

Others suggested the first lady was angry at this juvenile display. So President Obama … Read more

Obama caught taking selfie at Mandela memorial

We laugh at the kids.

They're so silly. They have no sense of decorum. Sometimes they're just plain embarrassing.

Why, just a few breaths ago, we were wondering what possessed so many young minds to post selfies from funerals.

Then the world's leaders gather for Nelson Mandela's funeral and they do just the same thing.

Here were British Prime Minister David Cameron, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and President Barack Obama grinning it up, as the latter two held a smartphone steady. (It's unlikely to have been the president's, as he's often said how committed he is to his BlackBerry.)… Read more

Acer's financial woes force exit of CEO, president

Acer's management shakeup has gotten even shakier.

The Taiwanese PC maker announced Thursday that Chairman and CEO J.T. Wang and President Jim Wong both resigned due to the company's recent financial performance. Wang had already been reportedly due to leave Acer at year's end to be replaced by Wong.

Acer founder Stan Shih has taken over as board chairman and interim president as the company searches for a new candidate to assume the role of presidency. The position of CEO will be eliminated and its responsibilities transferred to the chairman or president. Acer said this move … Read more

White House approved spying on allies, officials reportedly claim

Was the White House aware of the NSA surveillance on US allies, or was it left in the dark? That question has reared its head following admissions from Washington that the NSA tapped into the phone calls of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other foreign leaders.

The White House and State Department did approve the phone taps, current and former U.S. intelligence officials said, according to the Los Angeles Times. These officials also say that members of the National Security Agency and other US intelligence agencies are now upset that President Obama appears to be distancing himself from the … Read more

President Obama outlines four NSA reform initiatives

President Barack Obama defended the government's intelligence gathering policies, but outlined four initiatives to assuage concerns among Americans and foreigners regarding the legality of U.S. surveillance activities.

"The programs are operating in a way that prevents abuse...the question is how do I make the American people more comfortable," the president said, responding to questions during a press conference at the White House Friday. "If the American people examine exactly what is taking place and what the safeguards were...they would see that the folks are following the law."

He added that revelations in … Read more

Facebook looking to partner with Samsung?

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's whirlwind Asia tour, he stopped by the offices of Samsung this week for a quick meeting with the company's president, Shin Jong Kyun.

After the meeting, Shin stopped to talk to reporters and said that the two discussed potential partnerships, according to Bloomberg. The partnerships would reportedly center on advancing mobile-advertising sales.

Facebook has been long pushing to boost advertising on mobile. In April, the social network debuted Facebook Home, which is a family of mobile apps and a social-networking-focused skin that runs over Android in smartphones like HTC's One and Samsung'… Read more

Breaking: White House Tumblr says it's GIF, with a 'hard G'

The first post on the White House's official new Tumblr boldly tackles a topic sure to inspire as much debate in certain circles as immigration reform, tax cuts, and gun control -- the pronunciation of "GIF."

I, being the softie that I am, have always pronounced the acronym for Graphical Interchange Format "jif" (it sounds more French), but the White House informs me I am wrong and may be declared an enemy of the state. "Hard G," it declares on a graphic (or is that jraffic?) previewing the kinds of content we should expect to see on the new Tumblr -- everything from behind-the-scenes photos to updates on policy and First Dog Bo (and, presumably, Bo's take on policy updates).

And because a Tumblr without them wouldn't be worth its weight in dancing cats, "yes, of course there will be GIFs," it says. … Read more