eBay to ban sales of spells, hexes, magic services

Sorry, Harry Potter fans, you're going to have to double double toil and trouble somewhere else besides eBay. The online auction giant has just issued category changes and updates for the fall. Spells and potions are on the dump list.

Discontinued categories include Tarot readings, spells, and potions. Not only are some categories magically disappearing, but those items will go onto eBay's prohibited list along with hexing, curses, conjuring, blessings, psychic readings, and the catch-all "magic services."… Read more

The secret to winning WoW every time

Just when we thought that we'd probably seen the worst game novelty item for awhile, along comes one from a category even more repulsive: magic elixirs.

The "Mana Energy Potion" has been created for World of Warcraft aficionados, not unlike the mystical potable distilled by Suntory to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. The Mana drink promises to provide "5 to 8 hours of non-stop energy," according to TechFresh, "to experience repeated ecstacies without being exhausted."

It almost sounds illegal. Call us yeller, but we'd be reluctant to ingest anything … Read more