Cute Tokyo Metro posters remind commuters to behave

Many commuters loathe riding on public transportation because of the rude and rowdy behavior of other passengers who treat the confined spaces as their own private living rooms. Blaring music too loudly through headphones, talking loudly on cell phones, eating smelly foods, and falling asleep on the shoulders of strangers have become common occurrences on every train, bus, and subway in the United States.

Commuter etiquette is something of an art form in Japan, however, if anything can be deduced from these delightful posters designed for the Tokyo Metro. … Read more

Artist infuses zombies into classic flicks

People just can't seem to get enough of flesh-eating zombies (or maybe it's the other way around). These days, the fantasy of a modern society fighting off zombies appears in nearly every medium of visual entertainment. Michigan-based artist Matt Busch takes this concept to a whole new level in his Hollywood is Dead series of classic movie posters featuring an undead twist.

How did it all begin? Four years ago, Lucasfilm asked Busch to create six versions of the classic "Star Wars" posters with a little zombie flair. "While they [Lucasfilm] spawned the initial idea, the real joy for me that keeps me doing them is my love for movie posters," Busch told Crave. "I'm such a fan of the classic artists like Drew Struzan and Bob Peak. So to be able to study their work up close is a lot of fun for me. And then, yeah, ripping it to a bloody mess by giving it the zombie treatment is a guilty pleasure, too."… Read more

Posterous, the Tumblr challenger that wasn't, shutting down April 30

For all five of us who stuck with Posterous and chose the blogging service over Tumblr, today is a mournful day. Sachin Agarwal, founder of the now Twitter-owned service, announced that Posterous will shut off the lights come April 30.

The news comes as little surprise. Posterous was picked up by Twitter in March of last year and we've barely heard a peep from the team since then. At the time, Agarwal and Twitter both insisted that they'd leave Posterous "up and running without disruption." The promise was partially fulfilled -- the service was left unattended … Read more

Create posters, coffee mugs using your iOS 6 panoramas

It's true, the panorama feature Apple included in iOS 6 isn't anything new. Sure, it's new to the camera app, but iOS users have been able to download and use plenty of apps from the App Store designed to take panoramas. But, not everyone goes looking for panorama apps.

What Apple did was introduce panorama photos to everyone who has an iPhone. Naturally we're going to see an increase in shared panorama photos across social networks, including apps designed specifically to share panoramas.

Starting today, Zazzle is giving iOS 6 users another option to show off … Read more

Print your own giant posters

Anyone who's ever shopped for a piece of art to hang behind the living room sofa knows that big art typically comes at a big price. Even if you pick up some mass-produced Ikea canvas, you still have to contend with fitting it in the car, or paying someone to deliver it to your doorstep.

If you have more time on your hands than money, there are some easy solutions for printing infinitely large posters from even the most modest printer.

The first step is the image. Whether you're going to print in black and white or full … Read more

Pic-Poster analyzes faces and image metadata to estimate the subject's age

Sometimes we get to try the most unique, unusual, and specialized software. For example, take SoftWeird's Pic-Poster. This unusual free tool analyzes faces and image metadata to estimate an individual's age range, based on initial data you enter. You can post your images online to view or share, too. It works with a wide range of images, but it's meant to be used on digital snapshots of individuals (like newborns) bearing date stamps and other metadata. Its chief purpose seems to be to help busy parents quickly sort through gigabytes of family snapshots without the help of … Read more

Photo fun with Photofunia

Photofunia is a ridiculously simple photo effects app that lets you drop your photos into funny and interesting scenes, similar to those you might find at an amusement park photo booth. If, say, you want to see what your face might look like on a billboard in Times Square, Photofunia has an effect for that. How about on the cover of Esquire Magazine? Photofunia's got that covered, too. With an incredible number of effects available, the possibilities seem endless.

To get started with Photofunia, just fire up the app and start looking for an effect you like. You can … Read more

Twitter buys microblogging site Posterous

The nanocontent company Twitter is buying the microblog site Posterous, according to posts on both services (Twitter | Posterous). Terms of the deal are not yet public.

Posterous is a blog platform with a focus on simplicity. Like competitor Tumblr, it's designed so users can quickly create short posts. Items can be posted from the Web, the Posterous mobile app, or from e-mail.

The announcement posts say that the Posterous service Spaces will stay up and running "without disruption," but that users who wish to move off the system will get instructions for doing that shortly. The posts … Read more

Low-tech posters use tin can and string to promote band

Forget spending countless hours and dollars on a viral video--hello OK Go!--one band is doing viral the old fashioned way.

You probably haven't heard of Dry The River, but come this March you will, and if you're in London it will be via the old fashioned "lover's phone": a tin can on a string.

Twelve posters are scattered around London which, if you hold the can up to your ear, will play a track from Dry The River's new album "Shallow Bed."

The posters feature animals constructed from wires pulled from … Read more

Epson Artisan 1430 prints your Bieber posters (almost) true to size

LAS VEGAS--True Beliebers never travel without signage materials, but what to do with the photos you take with JB here at CES?

Invest in the new Epson Artisan 1430 wide-format photo printer and you can print a personalized poster to bring to the next sighting.

Amateur photo enthusiasts and image professionals will both find the Artisan 1430 easy to use now that the printer is compatible with Epson Connect, a mobile app that lets users print directly from a variety of compatible iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and tablet devices.… Read more