Polamatic 4.0 brings the Polaroid camera experience to iOS

When it comes to consumer photography, perhaps the only thing more iconic than the Polaroid camera is the Polaroid photo. The size, the shape, and especially the white band at the bottom, where you could scribble a quick note about the scene -- for those of a certain age (myself included), it's quite evocative.

Polaroid embraced the smartphone scene a couple years ago with Polamatic, but the app didn't exactly set the photography world on fire. (For proof, see the dismal ratings for the current Android version.) But with Polamatic 4.0 (currently for iOS only), the "… Read more

Gaming has a growing presence at CES 2014

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show rolls on in Las Vegas, we're checking out new video game tech. Sony unveiled its PlayStation Now streaming service and Valve pumps out new Steam Machines for playing PC games on your living room TV. CES is also a time where we see new concepts, like advances in 3D virtual reality gaming and ways to play Android games on your TV.

In this episode:

- Watch a demo of the PlayStation Now streaming service.

- Learn why the Steam Machines could shake up the gaming status quo.

- Play Android games on your … Read more

Polaroid Socialmatic retro insta-print camera slated for reality

LAS VEGAS -- There has always been a certain amount of magic to a classic Polaroid camera, with how the image emerges from a blank space. Polaroid hopes that a bit of that nostalgia will rub off on the Socialmatic camera, which originally appeared as a concept from ADR Studio back in 2012.

The Android-based Socialmatic takes a two-pronged approach to sharing the images captured with its 14MP front camera and 2MP back camera. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you upload the pics to your favorite social media sites. A built-in ink-less printing system also lets you produce 2x3-inch prints with sticker backings so you can plaster your masterpieces all over the real world as well.

Just like with classic Polaroid cameras, you will need special supplies to make your pics come out. It uses heat-activated Zink paper, which costs about $30 for 80 sheets. It takes under a minute to print out an image. As with old-school Polaroid photos, there is really no need to shake them, unless you just want to for fun.… Read more

Order vintage-style photo prints from your iPhone

It's one thing to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but sometimes you just want old-fashioned prints. You know, the kind you can stick to your fridge, clip to a board, hang on a wall, and so on. That's especially true if you want to share fond memories with friends or family members. You know, the kind you get from a wedding, vacation, birthday party, and so on.

Printic turns your iPhone photos into Polaroid-style prints, then delivers them to one or more recipients. It's a simple concept, done well.… Read more

Galaxy S4's awkward tween messenger

CNET Update can't keep a secret:

Soon we will know the secrets of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Until the smartphone is unveiled on March 14, the young Jeremy Maxwell must keep the secret smartphone safe. (Wait, what?) Samsung's odd teaser video for the Galaxy S4 might leave you asking, "What was Samsung thinking?"

Other stories mentioned in Monday's tech news roundup:

- An indie film premieres exclusively on Xbox Live

- YouTube's iOS app can send videos to your TV

- The Socialmatic Camera will be made in 2014, with support from Polariod

- … Read more

The 404 1,219: Where it's all play and no work (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Just say no: Polaroid returns with an instant camera shaped like...the Instagram icon.

- "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song prompts school lockdown.

- You should watch "Room 237," a fan theory documentary about "The Shining."

- 50 fan theories that will blow your mind, and the Subreddit that goes with it.… Read more

Polaroid S9 tablet channels baboon aesthetic with red backside

LAS VEGAS--Polaroid showed off the most colorful tablet making its CES 2013 debut: the 9.7-inch S9.

Not many details are known about the tablet but it sports a 1,024x768-pixel-resolution IPS screen and should be available by late spring 2013.

The tablet's design features an eye-catching red backside that houses a 5-megapixel camera and the oddly placed power button above it. Ports on the tablet include Micro-USB and Mini-HDMI. Internal storage capacity is unknown but the tablet has expandable memory via a microSD slot.

Pricing as well as other specifications have not been announced.

Polaroid opens Fotobar shops to print photos off mobile devices

It this era of immediacy, it can be hard to remember the days when people would shoot a roll of film on a camera and then wait to get it developed before they even saw the photos. In a sense, before digital photography, the only instant pictures that existed were Polaroids.

Now, Polaroid is looking to change up the game again. It's opening several retail shops called Fotobars where people can bring in digital photos they have stored on their mobile devices -- including those in apps like Facebook, Picasa and Instagram -- and get them printed.

"There … Read more

Bling your Xmas tree with SLRs and Polaroid cameras

Can't get enough of cameras this festive season? The folks at Photojojo have thought of a way to make photography a part of the holiday cheer with their very own Photojojo Tree Bling.

Made in Poland, these camera-inspired ornaments are made to look like miniature replicas of film-era single-lens reflex and Polaroid SX70 instant cameras. The trinkets are constructed from blown glass and furnished with a metallic top. Measuring just 3 inches tall, the ornaments are handpainted with glitter accents and topped off with silver trimmings. … Read more

Instant Lab brings go-go days of Polaroid to the iPhone

Polaroid cameras used to be the coolest things. You'd huddle around a little square of weird photographic paper, waiting for the image to magically appear out of nothing. You just don't get the same thrill from capturing a photo on your smartphone. Until now.

I'm at the Kickstarter page for the Impossible Instant Lab, watching the pledge numbers rise in real time. Backers are jumping in on the $149 early-bird price (regularly a $229 pledge) for a device that turns photos from an iPhone into Polaroid pictures.… Read more