YouTube makes playlists easier to manage

Some layout changes for YouTube debuting on Wednesday bring with them better playlist management options.

The changes, rolling out to all YouTube visitors over the next few days, make the YouTube site more closely resemble its mobile apps. The interface is now center-aligned, and a prominent "guide" three-lined icon next to the site logo places options such as subscriptions and playlists in the center of your screen.

The site also has made some adjustments to playlists themselves. Playlists that you've created and those from other YouTube users that you've liked are now listed in your guide, … Read more

YouTube now shows full albums when you search by artist

Search for your favorite singer or band on YouTube, and you'll now see their top tracks, full albums, and related artists neatly grouped and ready for your listening and viewing pleasure.

A new feature to the popular video-viewing site displays a sidebar on the right with links to top tracks and albums from the subject of your search. Search for Kelly Clarkson, for example, and YouTube displays her top ten tracks and her albums from latest to earliest. Click on any track, and YouTube plays the associated music video. Click on an album, and YouTube loads a playlist of … Read more

Make a Genius playlist of the current song in iTunes

In Apple's iTunes, a Genius playlist is a special automatically generated playlist based on a specific music selection. By choosing a song and creating a Genius playlist, iTunes will create a playlist of related songs from the available music in your library.

In this way, you can create a playlist of similar music simply by selecting a song, instead of having to peruse your library and manually create a playlist.

In past versions of iTunes, you could create Genius playlists by right-clicking the song and choosing the option to create a Genius playlist based off it. In the latest … Read more

Copy another user's YouTube playlist with this Web app

On YouTube, a lot of the legwork has already been done for you. There are playlists galore available for seemingly any interest. But if the user whose playlists you've come to rely on deactivates his or her account, deletes the playlist, changes privacy settings, or otherwise disappears from YouTube, you're out of luck. Instead of recreating other users' playlists, there is a handy Web app from Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspirations that lets you copy them to your account.

The app is aptly titled, Copy YouTube Playlists. On its page, click the big blue button to sign into … Read more

Review: Play, mix, record, and jam with Disco XT

Disco XT is an audio playback application for Windows. It's not a media player, though it can play, mix, and manage your music collection. It's not a recording tool, though it can record and export high-quality audio; nor is it a DJ console, though with five decks, mixing, effects, sampling, and more, it's ready for both the dance floor and studio. Disco XT is a bit of each, but unlike tools that try to be too many things at once, it succeeds. Disco XT is free to try, though the Demo stops audio playback every 30 minutes … Read more

Xbox Music hits iOS

Xbox Music for iPhone is Microsoft's streaming-music service that's taking aim at services like Spotify and Slacker Radio, but isn't quite up to speed just yet. The interface is mostly intuitive and the app is smooth and responsive, but it lacks features found in other services, making it hard to recommend to those who don't own an Xbox. With that said, if you do have an Xbox at home (preferably one that's hooked up to your whole entertainment system), it's definitely worth a look.

Getting started To get started, you'll need an Xbox … Read more

YouTube lines up its latest hit

Google began a slow rollout on Monday of a major update to its YouTube app for Android, with other mobile YouTube app updates coming later.

A Google representative told CNET that the slow rollout was intentional and not a leak of the app's installer file, or APK.

YouTube 5.0 for Android includes several features to make the app more like watching YouTube on the Web and, in some cases, surpass the Web experience. Google confirmed that the updated YouTube app is expected to reach the Google Play store sometime Tuesday morning. YouTube for iOS is also expected to … Read more

Spotify copies Songza with curated playlists

CNET Update is in the mood for Pure Moods:

In this episode of Update:

- Tune in to Spotify's new Browse feature, which mimics Songza's curated playlists for moods. You'll also be hearing about curated playlists when MOG relaunches under a new name.

- Size up the September phablet launches with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 and the rumored HTC One Max.

- Save $100 on Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet (which will go toward buying the keyboard cover.)

- Find your lost Android phone with Google's Android Device Manager, coming later this month.


iTunes (HD) |&… Read more

Apple envisions an iTunes Radio with more advanced features

A future version of Apple's iTunes Radio could let you reveal why you liked or disliked a certain song in your playlist.

Published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, an Apple patent application called "Playlist Configuration and Preview," describes some handy ways to customize and manage your playlist of streaming songs.

Most streaming music services let you vote thumb's up or thumb's down on a certain song to gauge your musical tastes. But they don't give you the ability to explain why you voted the way you did.

The service described … Read more

Spotify's latest feature makes discovering new music easier

Making good on its promise to make new music easier to discover, Spotify announced Tuesday that it has rolled out its Discover page to the public.

With this new feature, Spotify users can get personalized recommendations, see related music, find touring dates for favorite artists, and more.

"We've made your listening experience more personal, more social, and more current," Spotify Chief Product Officer Gustav Soderstrom said in a statement.

The Discover page originally was announced in December and has been in beta until now. In addition to giving users personalized recommendations based on listening history, the streaming … Read more