Desktop Weather, Planner, and Clock review

Desktop Weather, Planner, and Clock's multifaceted display incorporates all of the information you need to plan your day. At a glance, you can scan the weather forecast for the week, check your upcoming appointments, and see how your week is shaping up with this one-stop organizational system.

The interface for Desktop Weather, Planner, and Clock is straightforward and organized, although a little cluttered for the smaller display space on the iPhone as opposed to the iPad. The display shows you a monthly calendar in the upper left with the current day circled. To the right of that, there's … Read more

Planner& Lite review

Planner& Lite is a multifunctional planner tool that uses an intuitive interface to help you keep track of daily appointments and tasks. With a highly customizable display and many features packed into a tightly organized space, this app gives you the tools to manage your calendar in the way that's most effective for you.

As soon as you open it, Planner& Lite will ask permission to sync with your calendar, so it can import all entries you've already made. When those are in place, you can view and edit them either on a daily, weekly, or … Read more

Roomeon 3D-Planner for Mac review

Roomeon 3D-Planner for Mac gives you the tools you need to design and arrange any room through its intuitive and versatile interface. Drag and drop different types of furniture, accessories, and decor into your room, while also adjusting the dimensions of the room to suit your vision. Then save your creation, or share it with the community.

To use Roomeon, you'll have to set up a free account or log in with Facebook. Once that's done, you can jump right into designing and decorating the room of your choice. The first step is to choose a template for … Read more

Review: Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner is a fine supplement to

Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner is not a standalone app for discovering recipes but a supplement for those that already use and save recipes from the Web site It offers a number of powerful tools, however, including the ability to create your own recipes, build and manage your shopping lists, and sync with a cooking timer on your iPad, which makes it a very effective app for anyone who has a Pepperplate account or is interested in creating one.

During the setup process, you'll be prompted to create a new account or to log in to your … Read more

Review: My Wedding Planner organizes photos you've taken of wedding ideas

My Wedding Planner offers only a fairly bare-bones photo organization tool in place of anything more comprehensive for your wedding planning needs. The app allows you to take photos of things you find in magazines, in stores, or at other weddings so you can store them as "wedding ideas" that are then accessible at a later time. You can create a second album for other people's ideas but it doesn't go much further than this.

When you load up My Wedding Planner for the first time, you'll find a menu showing you where to add … Read more

Review: Mom's Daily Planner offers customizable to-do list and calendar management

Mom's Daily Planner includes three tools designed to streamline managing shopping lists, daily to-do lists, and calendars around the house. While not necessarily only for moms, the app is very much designed with households in mind, with categories for different types of chores, event creation for children's activities, and more. The interface can be cumbersome, at times, but it generally works quite well for what it offers and is customized effectively to the needs of someone running a household.

When you first open Mom's Daily Planner, you'll have access to three of the six options on … Read more

Review: Monthly Budget Planner offers budget tracking tools with few extras

Monthly Budget Planner is supposed to help you track your expenses, budget, and income, but it lacks many of the tools needed to do so efficiently. While there are plenty of categories and options here to set up your expenses and income levels, the lack of a clean interface, no clear instructions, and a single input method limits who can use this app and how effective it will be in streamlining your recordkeeping.

The home screen for Monthly Budget Planner lists your Budget, Expenses, and Cash Withdrawals. You can add a new budget, edit your expenses, or change your cash … Read more

Review: Room Planner creates digital plans for a remodel, new home, or revamp

Room Planner by Chief Architect manages to solve one of the most common problems faced by someone buying a new home or renovating their old space -- digitizing the entire process. While there are plenty of space planners out there, Room Planner takes everything they offer and more and makes it mobile. Better yet, this app runs exceptionally well, even in the 3D planning mode. We experienced almost no slow down at any step, even as we added new spaces, changed dimensions, and placed furniture.

While the setup and learning phase is steep, Room Planner provides an in-depth tutorial when … Read more

My Day Planner is barebones as-is

If it weren't for lists, we would never get anything done. So it's crucial that we have a solid day planner that keeps us on top of our daily tasks. My Day Planner promises a "spiced up" planner that stands out from the crowd. The problem, however, is that each spice costs money, and without them, you're left with what is essentially a notebook and a calendar -- both of which you already have on your iPhone.

My Day Planner opens with what looks like a blank notebook page. An icon to access the calendar … Read more

Coordinate your projects with Planner for Mac

When completing a wood or other project from stock materials, predetermining the layout for cuts helps save costs. Planner for Mac may appeal to a very specialized group of people who need computer assistance in planning a project's cuts, but the price and limited functions may make it a less desirable option.

Available as a free trial version limited to 10 uses, the full program requires a $10 payment. Planner for Mac installs quickly and setup is smooth outside of a dialog box explaining the trial limitations. The program is not supported and lacks instructions. The specialized program means … Read more