Friday Five

Thousands of apps and updates come out each week, but the five products that piqued our interest this week offer time-lapse videos, an iOS edition of a premium first-person shooter, 64-bit browsing, free photo editing, and 1TB of storage.

Instagram introduced another iOS app this week, Hyperlapse, a free and seriously easy way to shoot and share time-lapse videos. There's just one button, Record, and other than playback speed, there aren't lots of settings or filters to fuss with. Read our Hyperlapse review, and see CNET's simple how-to and some best practices for great videos.

If you'… Read more

Edit Photos on the go with Pixlr Express

If you are looking for an accessible and easy to use photo editor for your Android gadget, this app may just be the right choice for you. With numerous interesting effects and filters, Pixlr Express will help you edit your photos in no time without much hassle or needed experience.

Using a clever interface, Pixlr Express allows even a beginner to edit photos with great ease. The setup is very simple with this application, and you should have it up and running in minutes. At 5.5MB, it is easy on the memory. Unlike other photo editing software of this … Read more

Getting started with Pixlr Express for Android

Generally the addition of "Express" to the name of any program means that it is a light or less feature-packed version of the original. However, in the case of Pixlr Express, the amount of options packed into the app doesn't make it feel like a light version at all.

The company behind this app is Autodesk, which also makes Pixlr-o-Matic and AutoCAD. Think of Pixlr Express as a beefed-up version of Pixlr-o-Matic; not only do you get all of the vintage filters, but another 600+ effects can be applied in the new app.

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How to edit photos with Pixlr for Google Drive

Pixlr Editor is a free Web-based alternative to Photoshop that can be used from any Flash-enabled browser. Coinciding with the release of Google Drive, Pixlr announced that its Chrome apps work with Google Drive as an integrated app. Here's how to get it up and running on your account:

Step 1: From your Chrome browser, install Pixlr Editor or Pixlr Express from the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: From your Google Drive account, right-click on an image, then go to Open with > Pixlr Editor.

Step 3: When prompted for permissions, click the "Allow access" button to … Read more

Three free Picnik alternatives

Google announced that it is shutting down its photo-editing service, Picnik, much to the dismay of many Picnik users.

Once Picnik closes its doors for good on April 19, Picnik users will be forced to seek out alternative photo-editing tools. There's always the popular free desktop tools like Paint.NET or GIMP, but true alternatives to Picnik are Web-based editors. Here are a few of them to consider:

Photoshop Express Adobe's Photoshop Express has all the basic editing tools like crop, resize, red-eye, as well as more advanced editing features like fill light, sharpen, and exposure. It also … Read more

How to turn any picture into a coloring page

Coloring books are a great way to keep a child's attention and occupy their time.

They also provide a creative outlet for a child's inner Picasso that is several times more preferable than your walls or new furniture. However, you can even make these for yourself. After all, coloring can be a way to relieve stress and meditate, so why not have fun coloring some beautiful scenery or a favorite character from your childhood?

Follow these steps to learn how to turn any photo (be it of you, a place you visited on vacation, or even just something … Read more

Five fun photo apps for the iPad 2

Given its size, the iPad 2 is a better photo viewer than photo taker (unless it's acting as a photo booth). And as a photo viewer, it's fantastic. Flipping through photos on the iPad's touch screen pulls you closer to the images than clicking through photos on a laptop or desktop with a keyboard. I recently tried out three photo-browsing apps, a photo-processing app, and a photo-booth app on the iPad. I offer you my thoughts on each.

First up, two apps for browsing Instagram images. My favorite of the duo is Instagallery, which lets you view … Read more

How to use Pixlr-o-matic

Pixlr-o-matic is a retro photo-processing application for the iPhone and iPad. It's free, ad-free, and easy to use. It's a useful app for older iOS devices without cameras as well as the iPad 2, since iPad-specific versions don't exist for retro-photo iPhone apps Hipstamatic and Instagram. With Pixlr-o-matic you can take a photo or upload one from your photo library; apply a filter, an effect, and a frame; and then save or share the photo. Here's how the app works on an iPad 2.… Read more

Pixlr-o-matic photo app hits Android

Autodesk has been busy spreading its free retro photo-processing app Pixlr-o-matic across every major platform. In August, it launched an iPad app and it quickly shot to the top of the download charts; it's still sitting in the top 10 free photography apps. And now Android users can test out the 25,000 possible combinations of color filters, lighting effects, and frames on their photos.

What's best about the app is the interface, which lets you quickly apply what you want, see the end result, and then share or save your final photo. The Android app is the only version that can connect to messaging services on your Android device such as Skype or IM. Images can also be saved to your SD card at resolutions up to 2,000x1,000 pixels, and they're stored with the names of filters you've used.

Unfortunately, you can only apply one filter, lighting effect, and frame at a time, and you can't increase or decrease the effect. The only way to apply additional filters is to save out and reopen the photo. Also, all of the color filters have nondescriptive names, making it a pain to quickly pick your desired result. For example, "Sophia" is apparently heavy vignetting typical of a toy camera lens.

You can check out the slideshow below for more details, but overall Pixlr-o-matic is worth the free download from the Android Market. Not sure you want it on your smartphone? You can also test it out as Facebook or Chrome Web apps, download it as an Adobe Air application for Windows, or just use it in your browser. … Read more

Screen grabber for Chrome

Pixlr Grabber is a free screenshot tool for Google Chrome. It can save all or part of your screen's display, like other screen-grabbers, including Windows' built-in snipping tool. However, Pixlr Grabber also lets you edit your images via Pixlr's online Editor and Express tools as well as share them on the imm.io Web site.

Unlike most Chrome extensions, you must restart your browser for Pixlr Grabber to work properly. We clicked Pixlr Grabber's icon and selected Grab a Defined Area. Pixlr Grabber opened a selection box that we could drag around and enlarge, with the option … Read more