Newspeg puts journalistic spin on Pinterest-style bookmarking

Pinterest can be a great way to bookmark and organize all your favorite celebrity photos, recipes, DIY inspirations, home-decorating tips, and videos of famous Internet cats. But for those who want to save and organize more serious articles, Newspeg may be for you. Created by journalists, for journalists, Newspeg skips the fluff pieces and goes straight to hard-hitting headlines.

Formerly a journalist at major newspapers including The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and the San Francisco Examiner, Newspeg CEO and founder Mark Potts has a long history with digital news and is currently very active in the business of digital media. His latest endeavor is designed to be a way of sharing and saving news in a way that's useful to readers as well as publishers and journalists.… Read more

Pinterest puts places on iPad for more travel inspiration

Pinterest has remodeled its iPad application to accommodate the would-be world traveler with a new version mapped around Place Pins, the location-aware pin type released late last year.

Four-year-old Pinterest is the popular service for collecting digital ideas and saving them to boards. The company, according to ComScore, has a desktop audience of more than 48.2 million people, though mobile now accounts for 75 percent of usage.

Place Pins debuted in late November on Web, iPhone, and Android and attempted to help members make geographic sense, with the help of location partners like Foursquare, out of the 750 million … Read more

Potty-breaking youngsters love their social networks

Social media is so pervasive that a growing percentage of young people refuse to part with their favorite networks -- even when nature is calling.

Some 40 percent of young adults ages 18 to 24 use social media in the bathroom, which is up from 32 percent in the previous year, according to Nielsen's Digital Consumer Report. The group is two times more likely than the national average to social network when visiting the loo.

Nielsen's report, published Monday, is compiled from a variety of sources and includes data from an online survey with a representative sample of … Read more

Pinterest shoots for world domination with new mobile site

Pinterest said Thursday that it has redesigned its mobile Web site to match the experience of its other applications. The tweaked look is meant to make it easier for the pin-based social network to infiltrate new countries as it expands to the rest of the world.

Four-year-old Pinterest is currently available in 22 languages. The company said, after closing a $225 million funding round in October, that it was on a mission to make its apps more accessible to international audiences.

Specifically, the latest version of for mobile phones, pictured above, now sports the cleaner design and features … Read more

Pinterest starts predicting your interests

Pinterest is debuting a special interests section designed to hand-hold its desktop audience of more than 48 million people through the inspiration process.

Beginning Monday, members will find an "Explore Interests" option at the top of the category menu on the Web site. The link directs them to the interests page, personalized based on the things that they've pinned in the past. With the launch, the social network for "pinning" photos, videos, and now GIFs to digital pin-boards expands beyond exploration through categories and moves into the realm of predictions.

"Before today, all the … Read more

Pinterest now playing GIFs with a pause button

Regardless of whether you prefer your "g" hard or soft, the GIF is about to take a firm hold over Pinterest. The company said Thursday that it's now supporting the animated image format for pins on the Web.

Pinterest is the 4-year-old Web and mobile social network where millions of people, mostly women, go to seek inspiration and save ideas on home improvement projects, fashion, food, and the like. The pin, the app's prized community, is the digital equivalent of a pushpin, meaning members can stick a pin in anything they find on the Web or … Read more

Pinterest amps up recipe search with new filters

Pinterest now includes dietary restrictions and specific ingredients as a way to sort out recipe search results.

The social network, capitalizing on the popularity of food pins on its site, rolled out the new filters and search capability Tuesday.

The idea is you can open your fridge, see what ingredients you have on hand, and then do a search on Pinterest with the desired dietary restriction checked off. Filters include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. There's also an "Indulge me" button, a shortcut to unhealthy foods.

The new feature was developed by Punchfork founder Jeff Miller. Pinterest … Read more

Facebook 'like' losing retailers' love

Pinterest's "Pin it" button proved more desirable than Facebook's "like" button with retailers in 2013, according to a newly published report from social marketing and analytics firm 8thBridge.

For its third-annual report, 8thBridge analyzed the social commerce activities of 872 Web retailers between July and November 2013.

The firm found that 62 percent of retailers are using Pinterest Pin it buttons on product pages versus 59 percent using Facebook's like buttons. Pinterest, then, as the Web and mobile service for saving products to digital pin-boards, appears to be the more attractive network to … Read more

Pintrips to Pinterest: Pin It!

The lovely thing about Web companies is that they think they own the world.

Then they want to make it legally so.

At my last and very indistinct recollection, Facebook owns the words "face," "book" and "ace." Google owns "goo" and "ogle." While Snapchat is claiming to own a gesture from early 1960s pop videos, as well as every cat in France.

It's unsurprising then, that Pinterest has decided it owns "interest," "pint," "rest" and, of course, "pin."

Naturally, I exaggerate. … Read more

Pinterest purchases image-recognition company to improve search

Pinterest has purchased the talent and technology behind VisualGraph, a two-person startup building image recognition and visual search tools. The deal was announced Monday, though terms were not disclosed.

"The acquisition of VisualGraph will help us build technology to better understand what people are pinning," a company spokesperson told CNET. "By doing so, we hope to make it easier for people to find the things they love."

Kevin Jing and David Liu, VisualGraph's two employees, are joining Pinterest's engineering team. Jing, a former Googler, will be heading up Pinterest's new "visual discovery … Read more