Picture this: Photosynth debuts for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft's Windows Phone app store has just gotten a little bigger, thanks to the addition of Photosynth.

The software giant said Photosynth, a 3D panorama photo app, has now debuted for the latest version of Microsoft's smartphone operating system. It's available for free from the Windows Phone Store.

The app allows users to stitch together photos to create panorama images or even full 360-degree views. After shooting and stitching the images, users can publish their photos to the Photosynth site or Bing or can share it via Facebook and Twitter.

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Microsoft delivers Photosynth panorama app to Windows Phone

Microsoft's Photosynth panorama application is now available to Windows Phone 7.5 users.

The Photosynth application has been around for quite some time, but this is the first instance of it coming to Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace. The application lets users snap a photo with their Mango-based device, and continue doing so until they have a full panoramic view.

According to Microsoft, the application helps users share panoramas on Facebook and Twitter, as well as publish them to Bing, so they appear in search results and Maps.

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Microsoft iPhone app creates panoramic photos

A new iPhone app from Microsoft can create full panoramas from a series of individual photos that you snap with your device's camera.

Compatible with the iPhone 3Gs and 4, the iPad 2, and the iPod Touch 4G, Photosynth is simple to use since Microsoft does most of the hard work.

You simply point your device at the subject and tap the screen to snap the first photo. The app then prompts you to position your device to take the next shot. You can then either tap the screen to shoot again or wait for the app to automatically … Read more

MySynths puts Photosynth inside Facebook

Photos are one of the most used parts of Facebook, yet you'll never find shots that show perspective, or that let you zoom in to see fine details.

That's where SpeakTech has stepped in, with a Facebook application called MySynths. It lets you take any Microsoft Photosynth and share it on Facebook, just as if you were viewing it on the Photosynth site. You and your viewers will, of course, need Microsoft's Silverlight rich-media technology installed, but for them, there is nothing else to install.

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NASA releases 3D photo collections of space station, Mars rover

NASA said on Thursday that it has released a collection of 3D photographs of the International Space Station and its Mars rover.

The photos, which were created using Microsoft's Photosynth tool, show both internal and external views of the space station, as well as a model of the rover.

Because the images were prepared using Photosynth, users can zoom in or out of any of the images, allowing them to see "details of the space station's modules and solar arrays or...a more global view of the complex."

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Microsoft's Photosynth captures inaugural moment

Microsoft's Photosynth is an impressive tool for stitching together dozens of photos to allow a place or event to be viewed from multiple angles.

The only hard part is it really takes 75 photos or more to get the optimal experience. That's a lot of work for one photographer. But, with big events, one can also rely on crowdsourcing. Which is what CNN has done with the inaugural, asking viewers to send in their photos of Barack Obama's swearing in.

The resulting Photosynth is pretty cool. (It requires Silverlight for viewing.)

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Buzz Out Loud 873: Drunk sexy lunch

Listen all the way to the end of the show in order to understand what this title is all about. Wow, it's been quite the week here at BOL. But in actual news, the latest IE zero-day exploit just keeps getting worse (use another browser, people), the iPhone 3G has been unlocked, and Twitter is making millions...for other companies. Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 873

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Microsoft maps get Photosynth panoramas

Microsoft now lets people using its Live Search Maps service get a more immersive view by integrating the company's Photosynth panoramic viewer technology.

Photosynth stitches multiple images together into a 3D view, and people can in effect gaze around from a virtual vantage point. Areas with Photosynth views can be shown in the "explore collections" view of a map that also lets people see photos and other additions to a map.

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Microsoft's Mundie outlines the future of computing

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie on Thursday offered a long-term view of where Microsoft and the world of computing are heading over the next few decades. Speaking at the MIT Emerging Technology Conference here, Mundie envisioned a 3D virtual world populated by virtual presences, using a combination of client and cloud services.

He called this next generation "spatial computing" and listed numerous attributes: many-core processors; parallel programming; seamlessly connected and fully productive; context-aware and model-based; personalized, humanistic, and adaptive; 3D and immersive; and utilizing speech, vision and gestures.

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Nvidia conference is all about the other processor

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Nvidia is making a case for the graphics processing unit, the other chip inside the PC, at the Nvision conference that opened on Monday.

In his inaugural keynote--this is first Nvision conference--Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang reminded the audience that the graphics processing unit (GPU) has come a long way. In short, the GPU has evolved from the simple fixed-function graphics accelerator (e.g., the IBM 8514 that debuted in 1987) to the modern graphics chip, a computing engine capable of almost one teraflop of processing power. (A teraflop is equal to one trillion floating point operations per … Read more