Photographer's Tools Pro review

Photographer's Tools Pro is a handy app that contains a variety of tools that help you get the best possible shots. If you've graduated from your phone's camera to something a little more serious and could use help with lighting and depth of field, Photographer's Tools Pro might be a good thing to have around.


Useful features: Photographer's Tools Pro contains a number of utilities that will benefit both serious and casual photographers, alike. There's a depth of field calculator, a neutral density exposure calculator, and a gray card. The app also helpfully … Read more

Flickr review

Flickr on Android seems like a perfect match, doesn't it? Millions of people have been uploading, storing and sharing their digital snapshots, scans, and other images on Yahoo's Flickr site for years. Android devices, chiefly phones, have eclipsed digital cameras as primary snapshooters, and more photos than ever are being uploaded to Flickr. Flickr's free Android app makes the whole process much, much easier.


Soul mates: Think about it: Your phone is where Flickr needs to be. It's almost like Flickr has been waiting all along for Android.

Too easy: From the Get Started screen … Read more

Google+ fires up its photo features

SAN FRANCISCO -- Google's social network might not have the fire power the company would like, especially now that Facebook has gone public and Twitter is on its way to doing so. But Google+ has steady footing in some sets.

Shutterbugs, in particular, have embraced the service and on Tuesday Google doubled down on these users, adding a bevy of photography tools.

The company gathered press and attendees to NWBLK, a warehouse here that had been transformed into a gallery, with vibrant photos hanging on the walls taken by Google+ users.

"We are not building a service for … Read more

Photographs get new 'front and center' look on Twitter

Good morning! Perspective - Sunday is a fine day to go for a walk with a friend.

— Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) August 11, 2013

Twitter said Thursday that it will now put a greater emphasis on the presentation of photographs embedded in tweets.

In a blog post, Twitter said that it is now going to put photos "front and center" in embedded tweets, a move designed to give embedded images a more prominent look.

The point, Twitter wrote, is to give photos a "bigger and bold visual focus," something that's important to … Read more

Facebook prompts users to create shared photo albums

Facebook has created its own rendition of the friend and family slideshow. The social network unveiled a new feature on Monday that lets a number of users contribute photographs to one single album.

Aptly called "shared albums," this feature is especially helpful to those who want to show photos from a recent family vacation, group camping trip, wedding, or another people-filled event. Before today, Facebook users could only upload photos to albums they created on their own profiles.

To get started on shared albums, a central user can create an album and then add Facebook friends as contributors. … Read more

NASA photos show Earth from vantage point of Saturn, Mercury

Most all of us have seen photographs in which Earth looks like a big, blue marble, but what about a tiny, blue one?

That's basically what you'll see in new, stunning images NASA released on Monday.

Taken with cameras from two interplanetary spacecrafts that are located near Saturn and Mercury, the images show what Earth looks like from hundreds of millions of miles away.

One color photograph taken from the Cassini spacecraft on July 19 shows the beige rings of Saturn hovering above a tiny, bluish dot, which is Earth. In this image, Earth is nearly 900 million miles away. … Read more

National Geographic turns off Instagram over new terms

The backlash over announced changes to Instagram's terms of service has led National Geographic to suspend its posting activity on the photo-sharing app.

The Facebook-owned app ignited a storm of protest with the announcement earlier this week that it was claiming perpetual rights to sell users' photographs without payment or notification. Under the new policy, Facebook claimed the perpetual right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organization, including for advertising purposes, effectively transforming the Web site into the world's largest stock photo agency.

National Geographic, a magazine long respected for presenting high-quality photographs … Read more

Polarize your iPhone photos with Trygger

I had the opportunity to check out the Trygger iPhone Camera Case for iPhone 4/4S firsthand a couple weeks ago in Portland, Ore. Its co-creator, Joel Kamerman, and I sat down to test the prototype and I was immediately blown away.

As a fashion photographer in my spare time, the benefit of having the Trygger case secured to my iPhone was easily apparent. With a solid and sturdy case structure that maintained a slim feel to my iPhone, the Trygger case adds great functionality without the bulk. … Read more

Flickr on the go

Flickr for Android lets users of the popular Yahoo-owned photo site connect with the Flickr community and upload photos while on the go. It's dead simple, looks great, and is a nifty tool for storing select mobile photos in the cloud.

In order to get started, you must have a Yahoo account set up. This holds true, even if you decide to log in using your Facebook account. Once you're set up with Yahoo, you get free access to Flickr, and are allowed to upload up to 300 MB of photos per month. If you need more than … Read more

Instagram for Android is more than a photo enhancer

More than just a free photo-enhancement app for Android, Instagram connects its users to a photo-based social network that's more than 30 million users strong. With this powerful social functionality, the app makes it incredibly easy to not just polish and share photos, but also to keep tabs on friends through the built-in Instagram photo stream.

Start by signing up for Instagram with an e-mail address, username, and password. From there, you can link your account to your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Tumblr accounts. But don't worry, whenever you snap a picture, Instagram will still ask you which … Read more