photo touch-up

Instagram clicks with Hipstamatic

The popular photo apps Hipstamatic and Instagram seem to have drawn a little closer.

Instagram has 17 filters to choose from for touching-up and enhancing photos before sharing, while Hipstamatic's free features include four lenses, three types of flash, and three kinds of film. The point here is this: there's a lot more people can do with photos using Hipstamatic, but there's been no one-step way to share them.

Until now, judging by a Hipstamatic tweet today:

Sharing is about to get easier! Tag Facebook friends & upload to multiple networks, incl. @Instagram (@… Read more

eHarmony taps Fotoflexer for photo touch-ups

Photo editing service Fotoflexer on Friday announced a new partnership with dating network eHarmony. Users of the online matchmaking service will now find Fotoflexer's editor built right into the site, where they can edit their profile photos in an attempt to better their chances at luring potential mates.

Fotoflexer may be best known for some of its more drastic editing tools that include the capability to warp and distort images. However, not all of these have been included in the eHarmony build. Instead, it's limited the selection down to simple things like making a crop, or fixing red-eye … Read more