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Handy Photo review

With its redesigned UI, precise controls, and outstanding smart features, the new version of Handy Photo proves to be without a doubt one of the best photo editors for Android. The small investment that this paid app requires is more than worth it if you're after an editor that lets you retouch, alter, and apply filters to images with ease through an intuitive interface.


Outstanding smart features: Handy Photo's intelligent Magic Uncrop feature for expanding photos and straightening crooked horizons works wonderfully with most images. These are features no other similar Android image editor we know of … Read more

Free Online Photo Editor for Mac review

With its beautiful Aviary effects and filters, stickers, frames, and touch-up tools, Free Online Photo Editor for Mac proves to be a great tool for photo editing and enhancement. It works best with smaller images, though.


Comprehensive editing tools: Free Online Photo Editor for Mac offers a good number of editing tools including the ability to resize, change the orientation, set focus, adjust color temperature, and touch up portraits.

Nice photo effects: There are 25 effects available, on par with what most other photo editors offer.


Slow Web-based editing: This Web-based image editing tool won't work smoothly … Read more

InstaPhoto Fest review

InstaPhoto Fest lets you add festive overlays to images, creating greetings for birthdays and other special occasions. The app's options are somewhat limited in the free version, though, and there's not much here that you couldn't find elsewhere.


Quality graphics: InstaPhoto Fest offers birthday and Valentine's themed overlays, and, on the whole, the graphics look good. They tend toward the cutesy, which may or may not be your cup of tea, but they are at least decently designed.


Limited content: When we downloaded InstaPhoto Fest, it featured two sets of overlays under the February … Read more

Insta Collage Photo Frame review

Insta Collage Photo Frame is an easy-to-use app that provides users with a variety of different frames for creating photo collages. We really wanted to like this app -- there's a lot to like about it -- but its intrusive advertising ruins the user experience.


Lots of options: Insta Collage Photo Frame offers a wide variety of frames arranged in categories by aspect ratio. There are 48 frames in all, but each of these basic frames can be customized with colors, patterns, and shapes, giving users many options to choose from.

Easy collage creation: Once you've chosen … Read more

Summer Snaps Photo Sticker App review

Summer Snaps Photo Sticker App lets you decorate your photos with summer-themed frames and stickers, and then save or share them. Whether you're just wishing you were on a beach while you're stuck inside in the middle of winter, or you're looking for a way to perfectly memorialize your summer vacation, this app has plenty of options for you to choose from.

When you first open the app, a small Help screen opens with tips on how to use the available features. You can also access this screen anytime from the Main Menu. To start decorating photos, … Read more

QR Photo DVD Slideshow review

QR Photo DVD Slideshow helps you create slideshows out of your photos that include fun effects and music, and then burn them to a DVD. Sort through your photos to choose the best ones, and then add the finishing touches to a slideshow to preserve and share the memory of the event.

The first time you open QR Photo DVD Slideshow, some tips pop up to help you make the most of the app. These tips aren't terribly helpful, though, and neither is the actual Help file, as it mostly lists features and doesn't actually tell you how … Read more

PhotoFancie Collage Maker review

PhotoFancie Collage Maker is a photo editing and collage making app that provides you with tons of options for creating great collages. Choose the photos you want, experiment with different layouts, and edit each photo individually to get the look you're going for. When you're done, share your creation via Facebook, e-mail, or instant message.

As soon as you open PhotoFancie, all you have to do is choose the type of collage you want to make, to get started. You can opt for a grid layout or free slots that can overlap each other. Next, it's time … Read more

PhotoTouch review

PhotoTouch is a powerful photo editing software that lets you adjust every aspect of an image until you have it exactly the way you want it. Adjust color, brightness, or contrast, and add all kinds of effects and filters, and then share your work with friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; or save your photos to your phone.

The main menu that shows up when you open PhotoTouch includes options for taking a photo, choosing an existing photo from your phone, editing photos already saved to your PhotoTouch albums, and Help. The Help feature explains all parts of the interface, … Read more

PhotoWrite Free review

PhotoWrite Free provides you with tools and effects that you can add to your photos to create special mementos or holiday greetings. With this tool, you can add all of the information you want to your images so that they convey the whole story behind the shot, and share or save them.

This app has an intuitive and straightforward interface, with options on the home screen for selecting a photo or reading more about the app. You can choose a photo from your camera roll, take one through the app, or use one that you've previously saved in the … Read more

PicEm Photo Collage review

PicEm Photo Collage contains many collage layouts, photo editing tools, effects, and frames, so you can make great collages from your photos. Choose from tons of different layouts and boarders, select the photos you want, and edit them individually to create the right effect. Then share your creations with your friends and family straight from the app.

As soon as you install PicEm, you can get right to work making great collages. The interface is intuitive and attractive, with a tutorial that pops up the first time you open the app to help you get started. If you need help … Read more