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The five most durable gadgets of Always On

It's my personal belief that, across the board, gadgets should be tough enough to handle your real life. I don't think phones should require cases -- Gorilla Glass is more than strong enough to take a drop, and it's perfectly feasible to design devices that can handle bangs, biffs, and dunks without being completely destroyed. (Side note: Why does the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active even exist? Why aren't all versions of the S4 dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof? See what I'm getting at here?)

Anyway, the good news is that I've found over and over … Read more

Episode 20: Unboxing the Microsoft Surface tablet

This week, we got a new production assistant, Nic Henry (welcome, Nic!). And Nic got a pretty fun assignment: go down to San Francisco's Westfield mall at 8 a.m. and find a way to get in line at Microsoft's Surface pop-up store on the second floor. Then, Molly will roll in at 9:30 all cheerful to take your place in line and buy some tablets! It's good to be the talent.

Nic did a great job, though, and interestingly, ended up second in a line that grew to probably about 50 people while we waited … Read more

Best waterproof rugged cameras and camcorders compared

The number of waterproof rugged cameras has exploded over the past few years. The segment was basically owned by Pentax and Olympus, but now all of the major compact camera manufacturers have a rugged model, if not two or three.

The upside to that is there is something for just about everyone at various price points, starting at just more than $100. The more money you spend, the tougher the camera, though, so make sure you get something that meets your needs.

And if you're more interested in shooting video than photos, check out the two minicamcorders that follow the camera list. … Read more