Review: Pencil Sketch Photo Effect isn't customizable, but it does a neat job

Pencil Sketch Photo Effect delivers you a hand-drawn photo, but you can't do much to edit or alter it once it's finished. There's no way to even change the depth of lines or darkness of the photo. If you don't mind an app that does all the work for you but doesn't let you change the product, this app will give you a fun picture, quickly.

This application takes any picture you give it and makes the lines look like they were drawn by hand. It transfers the photo quickly; it only took about a … Read more

Review: Photo Sketch Free provides numerous hand-drawn effects and filters

Photo Sketch Free is a fun photo editing app that manages to perfectly capture the style and theme of the filters it uses in the interface and design. The result is an attractive, well-made, and quick app that offers a number of editing tools with only a handful of issues. If you enjoy filtering your photos and want an app with new and fun options for doing so, this is a good place to start.

When you open Photo Sketch free, you see immediately what you're working with. The interface and design features are all hand drawn and they … Read more

Review: Turn your photos into a sketch with Pencil Camera

Pencil Camera offers one basic effect and an easy-to-use interface. Some users may find this too rudimentary but there is something to be said about applications that simply work.

At just over 1KB Pencil Camera may be the lightest application ever. Being so small, this app downloads instantly and functions amazingly fast. The user interface is very intuitive and well designed so that even beginners will have no problem operating the application with zero instruction. The main menu allows the user a few basic functions. First the user needs to choose a photograph from the gallery or capture it with … Read more

Review: Pencil Sketch Free is free of great features

While Pencil Sketch Free is easy to use, it does lack some great features that its competitors have, and the final outcome leaves much to be desired.

The installation of Pencil Sketch Free takes only a few seconds and the program loads very quickly. The interface is very intuitive and well designed. Upon startup users are presented with the option of selecting an image from the gallery or taking a new photograph. When capturing a new photo, users will notice that the camera window does not have all the same features as the stock camera application. This is a huge … Read more

Review: Toki LineTest HD for Mac creates drafts for pro animators

Despite its dated design, Toki LineTest HD for Mac easily creates early drafts of professional animators' work, and has all of the functions likely needed by these users.

The program offers a free trial version with a 60-frame limit. The full program costs $69.90. The download completed quickly over a high-speed connection. The installation folder contained readme, instructions, and license files in several languages, which was a nice feature. It was unclear if technical support was available, but the program started up without any problems. The instructions were a particularly useful feature since the main menu is not intuitive. … Read more

Enhance your photos quickly and easily with FotoSketcher

Maybe you've seen photos that have been edited to look "old" or like they were painted by an Impressionist, and thought, "I'd like to do that!" Major image editing tools like Photoshop apply filters to images to create such effects, but suppose you don't have a major image editing tool like Photoshop? And even if you do, do you have the time to learn how to create these effects? Maybe you should try FotoSketcher, a simple tool for applying all kinds of visual and drawing effects to your digital images. With a huge … Read more

The 404 1,117: Where we get lost in time (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Facebook launches rewritten iOS app.

- One hundred year-old package opened today, results reportedly underwhelming.

- LL Cool J captures home intruder.

- LL Cool J brings the Boomdizzle to CES 2012.… Read more

Sprout pencil comes with a future plant instead of an eraser

In this age of keyboards and stylii, there's still something beautiful about a pencil. I'm talking about real wood pencils, the kind you have to sharpen.

If you're anything like me, you end up with drawer full of pencil stubs that need to be cleaned out periodically. Instead of tossing them in the trash, there is an alternative.

The Sprout pencil from Democratech is made with a Ticonderoga cedar body, but it has a seed inside a water-activated cap. Once it gets small, just turn it upside down, plant it, water it, and reap the benefits of growing your own herbs or heirloom tomatoes.… Read more

Create diagrams in Pencil

So you'd like to be able to illustrate your reports and documents with top-quality charts and diagrams. You've got MS Paint, or maybe something better. You open a new document and...yikes. It's not as easy as it looks, and you end up trying to draw straight lines with your mouse. Why not try creating diagrams in Pencil? This free, open-source diagramming and GUI prototyping tool has a huge range of stencils and preconfigured elements to drag and drop into an intuitive interface. Pencil works as a Firefox add-on or a standalone tool using XULRunner, which is … Read more

Great results if you work at it

Paper Camera offers up a unique photography experience using a cute interface to produce simulated hand-drawn results, but you'll need to select your shots carefully. The interface looks like a camera made from paper (appropriately), with hand-drawn arrow buttons for switching effects; controls for contrast, brightness, and line weight on the right side; and a save button in the lower right. You have the choice of taking shots directly with your iPhone camera (showing the effect in real time) or selecting an image from your photo library.

Paper Camera is a neat concept, but in addition to requiring you … Read more