Pininfarina inkless metal pen will write forever

What if you could have a writing implement that draws a line like a graphite pencil, but in permanent, non-smudging ink like a pen?

Car design company Pininfarina -- which has worked with the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Peugeot, and Alfa Romeo -- unveiled just such a thing at the global stationery trade fair Paperworld in Frankfurt, Germany.

The 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano (PDF) is a luxurious-looking, tapered affair with a machined aluminum barrel inset with wood sporting the company's logo. But the barrel itself is solid, not hollow: instead of ink, it has a tip made out of a metal alloy called "ethergraph" that writes, the company claims, forever. … Read more

Samsung's Galaxy NotePro 12.2, Galaxy TabPro 10.1 and 8.4 go on sale February 13

Samsung's newest Galaxy tablets go on sale this month, and they're packing hefty price tags. The company has announced pricing and availability for the Galaxy NotePro 12.2 and Galaxy TabPro 12.2, 10.1, and 8.4 models, four new tablets it unveiled at CES that are aimed at business users.

The Galaxy NotePro 12.2 will cost you $750 for the 32GB model and $850 for the 64GB option. Samsung's Galaxy TabPro 12.2-inch model comes with 32GB of storage and will set you back $650. The TabPro 10.1 costs $500 for 16GB, while … Read more

Apple wins 'iPen' patent for a smarter stylus

Apple has won another patent related to a so-called "iPen" stylus that goes beyond simply drawing on a touch display.

The US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday awarded Apple a patent dubbed "Stylus orientation detection," which centers around the "orientation of a stylus relative to a contacting surface."

The patent, which was earlier discovered by Patently Apple, envisions a device that comes with an orientation sensor that can determine the direction and type of scribble on a screen. Based on that, the device produces a line design that would mimic such an orientation … Read more

Four funky Android keyboards

There's no denying that Swype, SwiftKey, and the standalone Google Keyboard are great standard keyboards for typing on your Android phone. But if you've grown bored of the typical typing experience, hoping instead for something that's unique or challenging, you've got a few options.

I looked at the smattering of keyboards in Google Play and rounded up four funky apps that harmoniously meld features, functionality, and design into a keyboard that not only looks cool, but also gets the job done.

Minuum ($3.99) This minimal keyboard, released in 2013, takes up one row on your … Read more

Livescribe 3 sends handwritten notes straight to your iPhone or iPad

The Livescribe 3 is a wireless ink pen that automatically syncs your handwritten notes with your iPhone or iPad.

This is totally going on my holiday wish list.

Livescribe pens have long offered the ability to "record" your notes, but early models required manual syncing with your PC if you wanted to view them. Last year's Sky Wifi model cleverly added cloud syncing to the mix, delivering your scribbles straight to your Evernote account -- but only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

With the Livescribe 3, everything happens locally: the pen pairs with your iPhone or … Read more

Wads: Pen and spitwad launcher combo, together at last

Getting up to mischief could get a lot easier if the Wads Kickstarter project flies. No more hunting for straws from the cafeteria. No more disassembling complex pens just to get at the plastic barrel. Wads is made for writing. And it's made for launching spitwads.

Innovation like this doesn't come cheap. A Wads pen pledge costs $10, but it also includes a 10-pack of Wads Nerf-like ammunition, so you can target practice without having to generate your own spit-soaked paper lumps.… Read more

Make sure you're using the S Pen correctly

Samsung's latest flagship device is scheduled to arrive in stores this week. The Galaxy Note 3 is bigger and better in nearly all respects. The company added a larger, 5.7-inch display with a higher resolution, a speedy 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, and 3GB of RAM, and gave its S Pen stylus even more features, all while making the device slimmer and sleeker than its predecessor.

The S Pen is the primary reason for the success of the Note line of smartphones and tablets. The special stylus brings added functionality to Samsung's devices, allowing users to … Read more

Polar Pen: A pen-hybrid stylus made of magnets

Anyone who's ever played with a set of Zen Magnets, or a pair of rattlesnake eggs, knows how mesmerizing magnets can be. What if you could have a set of awesome magnets that was also a pen...that was also a stylus?

Well, say hello to the Polar Pen by Canadian designer Andrew Gardner. Gardner often used to pull apart his pens (who didn't?), and he loves magnets, so he decided to put the two together. The ink cartridge sits inside a series of small, tubular rare-earth magnets that click together to form the barrel of the pen. If you want to get super fancy, you can also get a stylus tip that sits over the pen's nib.

So, what's the point of a pen made of powerful magnets? Well, sometimes the mind just needs to relax and have a play.… Read more

Brew your coffee with splash of Wi-Fi

CNET Update is dreaming of plastic doodles:

In this episode of Update:

- Prepare for your future coffee maker and slow cooker to connect to Wi-Fi.

- Get crafty with the 3Doodler, a hand-held 3D printer in the style of a hot-glue gun.

- Boost the battery life of the next Surface tablet with the rumored power keyboard cover.

- Spot the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the states beginning in early October.

- Follow Apple's announcement live with CNET on Tuesday Sept. 10. The event begins at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern, with CNET's pre-show … Read more

Take, edit screenshots on Galaxy Note devices with the S Pen

There are a couple of different ways to take screenshots on Samsung's Galaxy devices, but the typical method is pressing the power lock button and home button at the same time. This takes the screenshot and automatically saves it to a folder in the gallery.

On devices with an S Pen, like the Note II and Note 8.0, you can use the S Pen to take and edit the screenshot before saving it.

To take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Note device with the S Pen, tap the screen with the S Pen for a couple of … Read more