Play Flappy Bird clone Tiny Bird on your Pebble smartwatch

Eventually we will all forget about Flappy Bird and find something else to obsess about. But until then, we have to fill the emptiness created when the app was pulled.

Similar apps are still available in either store for Android and iOS alike, but what about Pebble smartwatch users? Well, thanks to Stuart Harrell, Pebble users can play Tiny Bird while on the go, as reported by Smartwatch Fans.

The free app is available in Pebble's own app store and works on both the Pebble and Pebble Steel. iOS users currently have access to the app store, with Android … Read more

Tell the time with the faces of Doctor Who

How well do you know Doctor Who? If you're an aficionado -- or would like to become one -- Pebble app creator "drwrose" has created perhaps the most apropos watch face we've seen.

Instead of telling you the hour in numerals, the time of day is indicated by the face of the appropriate incarnation of the one and only Timelord, with Peter Capaldi filling the shoes of the new 12th Doctor. The face of the Doctor fills the screen, with a small two-digit indicator in the bottom right letting you know the minute. … Read more

The future of wearables: 8 predictions from tech leaders

Wearables: Everybody in the tech world is talking about them, but no one has quite nailed it -- yet.

The category, which includes everything from smart glasses that record video to watches that answer phone calls, is generating some of the biggest buzz in the tech industry, and for good reason. Wearables are a long way from overtaking smartphones, but the market is expected to grow at a fast pace over the next few years.

Perhaps no one has a better view of what's ahead in the wearables market than the companies supplying the critical components. CNET talked with … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

We've got another great lineup for you this week, including brand new episodes of your favorite shows, how-to tips, hot first looks and more.

After an extended break, Googlicious is back with a fresh new episode that's packed with all the Google and Android scoop you could ask for. Host Brian Tong dishes out the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors, and is Samsung attempting to beat Google Glass with a Galaxy Glass?

And while most of us likely won't get the luxury of attending this weekend's big game in person, why not do the next best … Read more

The 404 1,415: Where we watch you while you sleep (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Why one man watched every episode of "Law & Order" and took over 11,000 screenshots.

- Every fake URL on "Law & Order."

- Pebble Steel Review: The first smartwatch worth wearing.

- South Korea's online craze, "Watch me eat."Read more

My dream smartwatch: Building a perfect wearable gadget from the best bits so far

Wearable tech has a single large challenge: it's wearable. Many people don't want to wear their gadgets, and if they do, they want that thing to be perfect, stylish, useful, and non-annoying. Most wearable tech right now fails at being any of that.

And so, welcome to 2014. Can any gadget emerge that hopes to be that thing, that perfect little easy-to-understand and highly-desirable thing? Plenty of companies (AppleGoogle, coughcough) stand the best chance of offering one. Based on what I've seen so far, across dozens of devices, I can cobble together a dream gadget. This is … Read more

How to change the band on your Pebble smartwatch

With more than 300,000 units sold, the Pebble is one of the most popular smartwatches around. Customers love having the ability to view notifications and silence calls without having to take out their phones, not to mention customizing the watch face is addicting in itself.

Eric Migicovsky, the CEO of Pebble, unveiled a brand-new version of the watch at CES in Las Vegas last week. The Pebble Steel has the same internals as the original (although it does include a new RGB LED), but it now sports a fancier and more expensive look. The CEO also announced a new app storeRead more

For Samsung and Galaxy Gear, less may be more

The Galaxy Gear may benefit from the KISS principle: Keep it simple, Samsung.

When looking at the plethora of wearable devices unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, other companies certainly followed that principle. A walk around the show floor saw startups such as Martian and Pebble and major players such as LG and Sony introduce new wearable gadgets. And in most cases, they offered either a single benefit, such as health tracking, or a handful of clearly defined features, such as notifications from a paired phone.

Compare that to Samsung's Galaxy Gear, which is packed to … Read more

My wearable CES: What I did and didn't use during the show

At this year's CES, I didn't just wander through halls of half-baked Bluetooth-pinging little wearable things and write about them: I also wore them. Which ones? I kept it simple. Because, really, there aren't that many useful pieces of wearable tech in the world right now. And even the ones I wore weren't all that necessary. I was just curious what they would do for me. And once a fellow editor asked if I'd track my activity throughout CES, I grabbed what I had on my desk and charged up.

Fitness trackers: Fitbit Force, Nike+ … Read more

11 must-see videos from CES 2014

LAS VEGAS -- During the full week that we spent at CES 2014, CNET TV was hard at work filming every corner of the annual techapalooza. From stage-shy movie directors to the new Roku TV, we captured it all on camera. So, if you couldn't be in Vegas, here are the top 11 CNET TV videos for your viewing pleasure.

1. Michael Bay quits Samsung's press conference In an bizarre, -- and painfully awkward -- moment, "Transformers" director Bay walked off the stage during Samsung's press conference before he could chat about one of the … Read more