Peazip Portable review

Peazip Portable would be a fantastic zipping program even if it wasn't portable. The fact that it is makes it a phenomenal option to choose for zipping and unzipping your files. It's especially potent if you need the same experience on multiple computers or have a do-it-all Flash drive.

This is a portable program, so it's made to live on a USB drive and work with multiple computers without needing installation. If you have an overly sensitive anti-virus program, it might flag this app as suspicious, but ours didn't make a peep when we tested the … Read more

Review: PeaZip Portable (64-Bit) packs power in a portable package

PeaZip Portable (64-Bit) presents all the power and speed of most compression software in a neat, tidy package. It's one of the few downloads of its kind that is a downright pleasure to look at. The fact that you can stick it on a USB drive and take it with you just makes it even better.

The app comes as an executable file, so some antivirus software might flag it. Rest assured, it's clean and free of any unwanted extras. However, it is a little big for portable software, checking in at just under 10MB. Once you see … Read more

Compress and open archives with this free, well-designed compression utility

PeaZip is a free tool for creating and opening ZIP files quickly and easily. PeaZip can read RAR files, but it cannot write them, the one missing archive format we wish PeaZip could support.

We found PeaZip's interface to be well-designed and user-friendly, but users need to take care when installing this utility as it will install the AVG Security Toolbar and change your homepage and search functions to AVG Secure Search with the default settings. Fortunately you can choose a custom installation that avoids the add-ons. Once installed, the right mouse button brings up the traditional Explorer menu … Read more

Pea super

Windows sometimes encounters an unusual or compressed file it can't open, though its offer to search for the correct program has been known to provoke groans. The antacid to this heartburn is a good third-party file-management utility, one that can decompress a wide variety of zipped files as well as copy, split, join, compare, verify, and delete files. Extras like secure password and key file creation, strong encryption, and hash and checksum generators would be welcome in such a tool. We'd like it to run in 64-bit editions of Windows and integrate with Explorer's right-click menus. Last … Read more

Featured Freeware: PeaZip

Novice-friendly but with features for the expert and free archiving tools rarely cover all those bases, but PeaZip and PeaZip Portable hit back-to-back home runs.

Operating PeaZip is as easy as dragging files. Drop a ZIP file on the interface and PeaZip goes into decompression mode. Drop a regular file and it opens the archiving screen. Well-labeled buttons and simple functions make both processes quick and painless. Adding files and folders is also quickly accomplished using function buttons and traditional file browse tools.

Novice users will be able to use default settings to create well-made archives. Experienced users will like … Read more

Killer Download: Top file compression alternatives

Every computer user needs a solid file compression program. Not only are they mandatory for opening downloaded software, they offer several other useful features for tasks like creating e-mail attachments, performing backups, and saving space on your hard drive. Most people use WinZip because it comes pre-installed on a lot of Windows PCs, but WinZip isn't the only program available for file compression.

There's certainly nothing wrong with WinZip, but some programs offer better file compression or features that may be more in tune with what you need. For instance, some apps make efficient compression their focus, while … Read more