4Videosoft PDF Converter Ultimate review

4Videosoft PDF Converter Ultimate gives you multiple options for converting PDFs into other formats to facilitate editing and sharing. Add files quickly through this app's intuitive interface, and then choose your desired output format and other preferences to complete the process.


Format options: Once you've added the files you want to convert, you have multiple options for output format. Choose between several versions of Word or Excel, in addition to choices ranging from ePUB to JPEG, and just about everything in between.

Conversion preferences: You can also choose the conversion mode you'd like to use depending … Read more

ePUB to PDF Converter review

ePUB to PDF Converter offers a no-frills tool to convert your ePUB files to PDF, whether you want to read them in a different format or want to make edits. While the software has some issues, and it's arguable whether it's worth the paid cost over some other free options, it works well in most regards.


Quick conversions: The conversion process between ePUB and PDF is relatively quick, allowing you to pull the information out of an ePUB you have on your computer or one you've purchased online and into a PDF relatively fast.

Not too … Read more

PrimoPDF review

PrimoPDF is a basic yet powerful application that revolutionizes PDF file creation. You can construct perfect PDF files using the straightforward drag-and-drop tool this application offers.


Valuable toolkit: PrimoPDF creates all types of files in standard PDF format faster than competitors, making it one of the best free applications we've tried. The custom settings give you the ability to lock files and determine design specifications, so files will be exactly as you want them.

Fast, precise operation: We converted various file formats with PrimoPDF, and our PDFs were created within seconds, no matter the size or type of … Read more

Wondershare PDF Editor review

Wondershare PDF Editor allows modifications to text, graphics, watermarks, digital signatures, and pretty much any attribute of a PDF document. It performs conversions between PDFs and hundreds of other file types, including popular Microsoft Office files.


Extensive editing: Wondershare PDF Editor looks and feels like a proper editor, with straightforward ribbon-type menus and access to any element for modification, deletion, or new entry. We particularly enjoyed editing embedded graphics and being able to manage file pages in every detail.

File conversion quality: Very good work has been done to ensure faithful conversions between different file types. We successfully converted … Read more

Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac review

Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac lets you review and edit PDF files on your Mac through its intuitive and attractive interface. With this program, you won't have to worry about converting files or only having limited editing tools at your disposal, and you can complete any actions necessary on one or multiple PDF files at a time.


Conversions and combinations: With this program, you can do more than just view and edit PDFs. In fact, you can convert any PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text, and you can combine multiple PDFs into one or split one … Read more

Free Word to PDF review

Free Word to PDF converts Microsoft Word documents into unlocked PDFs you can open and edit with your usual PDF tools. It's a basic tool and very easy to use, too, so it's suitable even for absolute beginners as well as the merely Word-less.


Easy process: We could add or remove multiple Word files to Free Word to PDF's queue or select all the Word documents in a folder. Choose an output directory, press "Start Converting," and your work is done.

Accurate translations: Free Word to PDF accurately rendered tables or other formatted text, … Read more

PDF Checkpoint for Mac review

PDF Checkpoint for Mac checks portable documents for errors, sorts them into folders, converts them to one-page PDFs or images, makes visual tweaks, and saves them in a copy. This premium app supports multiple file operations, analyzes the documents as they're loaded, and looks for predetermined settings or content keywords. Overall, the app feels snappy and very focused, but we did encounter a few interface peculiarities.

PDF Checkpoint for Mac features a main window with five sections in addition to an optional document details drawer. Adding files is done by dropping PDFs into the Files area or by using … Read more

XPS to PDF for Mac review

XPS to PDF for Mac is a convenient and quick utility program that will let you convert any XPS files into several different viewable formats. Through this app's intuitive interface, you can complete conversions with just a few clicks, and the app opens automatically anytime you try and open an XPS file.


Streamlined interface: Even the most inexperienced users will have no trouble figuring out how to use this program. It features a set of clearly labeled controls across the top of the interface that let you add files and then choose what format to convert them to. … Read more

PDF to Word Converter review

PDF to Word Converter is a quality utility for converting PDFs into several other file formats to facilitate editing, saving, and sharing. Through its straightforward interface, you can quickly start loading and converting files with just a few clicks.


Multiple output formats: When you begin the conversion process, you have multiple options for what you want the new document to look like. For starters, you can choose between DOCX, DOC, RTF, and XML file formats. You'll also be able to decide how you want the program to handle page breaks, tables, columns, and other aspects of the original … Read more

NXPowerLite Desktop for Mac review

NXPowerLite Desktop allows you to easily lower the size of your larger JPEG and PDF files, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Optimized files keep the same format while their size is significantly reduced, making them easier to manage and send via e-mail.


Easy to use: Click the Add Files button to quickly group multiple files that you want to shrink, or drag and drop them into the main app window. NXPowerLite Desktop also sends optimized files via e-mail with just the click of a button, which is located in the main menu.

Advanced save, file naming, and backup … Read more