SeaParty GO Super Theme review

SeaParty Go Super Theme looks nice, moves quickly, and comes with many fancy icons. It's a good choice if you want a fun and playful theme that doesn't eat too many resources and provides smooth screen transitions. To unlock different animated backgrounds, however, you'll have to upgrade to the premium version.

SeaParty Go Super Theme works only if you have the popular Android launcher GoLauncherEX installed on your device. The graphics are pleasing and relaxing: a sunny beach, a cloudy sly, some palm fronds, and a dainty sea horse that keeps blinking at you from the left-hand … Read more

Jackpot Party Casino Slots review

Jackpot Party Casino Slots is an entertaining casino-style slot game that you can play on your own or with friends via Facebook. Logging in through Facebook brings a greater variety to gameplay and some bonus coins, but you can have plenty of fun without connecting that way if you prefer.

To play Jackpot Party Casino Slots, just open the app and start spinning. When you first begin using this app, you'll only have access to the Zeus II slot game. To unlock more machines, you have to accrue experience points and advance through the levels. Two more slots are … Read more

Don't back down: Klipsch Heresy III speakers

At less than 24 inches tall, the Klipsch Heresy III is the shortest floor-standing speaker I've ever tested. Don't let its diminutive stature fool you. This speaker can outrun many a tower speaker -- and outlast them. In an age of disposable tech, any speaker that sticks around for five years or more is noteworthy, but Klipsch's Heresy has been in continuous production since 1957. And the Heresy III outshines most contemporary high-end speakers in a few key performance areas.

Dynamic impact and bass "slam," courtesy of the Heresy III's 12-inch woofer, are extraordinary. … Read more

Oh my! George Takei loses gaming virginity to Felicia Day

Watching George Takei play a video game is just about as adorable as watching a newborn fawn walk for the first time -- only a lot more entertaining.

The "Star Trek" actor laughs his way through multiple levels of Maro Party 4 on actress Felicia Day's retro-gaming show "Co-Optitude" on Geek and Sundry's YouTube channel.

After Takei had Day as a guest on "Takei's Take," his new YouTube talk show about social media and technology, it was only fitting that he co-star on the YouTube show that Day normally co-hosts with her brother Ryon Day. … Read more

Star Apps: Jacqueline M. Wood

Imagine spending the winter globetrotting to such exotic locales as Mykonos, St. Tropez, Marrakech, and Ibiza and partying with the likes of Stephanie Pratt from "The Hills," model Elisabetta Canalis, and rapper Tinie Tempah, among a host of local insiders.

This season your champagne wishes and Hvar dreams will finally be realized, guided by travel connoisseur and "Bold and the Beautiful" soap star Jacqueline M. Wood on new series "Party On," which showcases the most exclusive party destinations around the globe. Audience members won't feel left out, since the interactive series encourages plenty … Read more

From Bordeaux to Warhol: Amazon goes high-brow

Tucked somewhere in the Amazon campus in Seattle, there is a room that has holds some very important racks of wine.

The bottles are handled carefully. With gloved hands, an Amazon photographer pulls each one off a wire rack and then photographs it so that online shoppers can see each bottle in a clean setting. An image of each bottle's label and description will be uploaded to site so shoppers can look at them in detail. This has happened thousands of times, for each type of wine Amazon sells. It is decidedly not how Amazon sells DVDs or books. … Read more

The private information Facebook now makes public

You may have been one of the many Facebook users contacted by the company last week about the demise of the "Who can look up your Timeline by name" search setting. The Facebook e-mail announcing the discontinuation of the feature goes on to explain how to limit what information you share on the service. Unfortunately, there's no longer a way to limit globally the personal information Facebook shares with everyone; you can do so only for each separate post using the audience selector.

The Facebook Help Center states the following:

"Your name, gender, username, user ID (… Read more

Yale prof: Tea Partiers know more science than you think

Prejudice, like beauty, comes in many forms.

The assumption is that if you hold a particular opinion, it follows that you must hold a particular other opinion. If you don't, goes the argument, then you must be stupid.

It's a little like those who believe that a smartphone is its specs, therefore you can't possibly want to buy an iPhone.

Such logical thought-extension can sometimes pollute science. There are fears that researchers try to find evidence that satisfies their own assumptions.

Some might find it marginally heartening, then, that one researcher, Dan Kahan, admitted to his prejudices being slapped on the behind by actual results.

Writing on the Yale Cultural Cognition Project blog, Kahan described his analysis of research into possible correlations between religious or political beliefs and grasp of science.… Read more

Loud speakers for those who like to rock out

Every now and then I get e-mails from readers who like to listen loud -- really loud. One recent one asked, "Can you recommend a nice pair of tower or bookshelf speakers capable of keeping the party going?" Well, there's loud, really loud, and there comes a point where it's so loud your neighbors call the police.

The guy's budget was limited to around $600 for a pair of speakers, so I immediately thought of Klipsch; its larger bookshelf and tower speakers can play really loud, and sound good while raising the roof.

I rang … Read more

iPhone game controllers cropping up

CNET Update is ready to play:

In this episode of Update:

- Take a gander at what Logitech's iPhone game controllers may look like, and see what ClamCase has in store for iOS devices with a controller called the GameCase.

- Get the highlights of Nintendo's announcement on upcoming games, including a new power-up revealed for Super Mario 3D World.

- Waste time at work reliving your Windows 95 years with the updated "Hover!" game.


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