Supercomputing simulation employs 156,000 Amazon processor cores

Supercomputing, by definition, is never going to be cheap. But a company called Cycle Computing wants to make it more accessible by matching computing jobs with Amazon's mammoth computing infrastructure.

On Tuesday, the company announced a new record use of its technology: a simulation by Mark Thompson of the University of Southern California to see which of 205,000 organic compounds could be used for photovoltaic cells. The simulation drew upon the power of 156,314 processor cores at Amazon Web Services for 18 hours to test the chemicals with Schrodinger Materials Science software for computational chemistry, Cycle Computing … Read more

Review: Parallels Access is one of the most impressive remote access apps on iOS

Parallels Access is designed to give you remote access of your Mac or PC through your iPad's screen and it works as well as or better than promised by the developers. From the ease of opening and controlling apps to the customized interfaces for dozens of different app types, Parallels is a smooth experience that will provide a much-needed interface option for anyone that works on the go.

The one thing about Parallels Access that can be frustrating is setup and installation time. It takes a few minutes to install, verify, and then set up on your desktop. We … Read more

Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion updated to support Mavericks, and more

Both Parallels and VMware, the two frontrunners in virtualization software for OS X, have released updated versions of their VM software, including not only speed improvements, but also support for the latest version of OS X, Mavericks, which is expected to be released by the end of September.

Virtualization packages allow you to run a secondary OS directly on the hardware of your current system, without any emulation to mimic hardware functionality. As a result, virtualization offers a much faster means of running a secondary operating system, with many programs and services running at full native speeds or even faster … Read more

Control desktop apps with the touch screen of your iPad

Parallels Access lets you connect with both Windows and Mac computers from your iPad, and even gives you an iPad-like experience for launching and using regular desktop computer apps.

When I met with the folks from Parallels, they described the launcher interface using the word "Applified," as in, the programs on your desktop computer are "applified" to work well with the touch screen of your iPad. What that means is, Parallels Access detects the programs on your computer's hard drive and gives you app icons in its own special launcher for your desktop apps, laid … Read more

Parallels Desktop update adds support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

OS X 10.9 Mavericks is still in development, with Apple only weeks into having released its first preview of the new operating system to its developer and testing communities.

For people who want to install and manage Mavericks in virtual machine environments, Parallels has a new update available that will support the installation of Mavericks in a virtual machine, allowing for testing of code and the new operating system's features without potentially compromising the main operating system installation.

The update is about 325MB in size and can be installed by choosing "Check for Updates" in the … Read more

MacTech extensively tests VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop

MacTech has just published an extensive benchmark comparison of the latest versions of Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. The article outlines in great detail the performance of each, not just regarding running popular programs and boot times, but also on file I/O, optimal host configurations, Retina display support, and a number of other important performance considerations for the virtualization packages.

While bigger may be better in some things, faster arguably takes the cake when it comes to computing. Be it booting a system or sheer number crunching, if you can do more of it at once or do it … Read more

What would happen if Moore's Law did fizzle?

First of all, don't panic.

If Moore's Law came to an end and computers stopped getting steadily faster, plenty of companies would suffer. But an end likely would come with lots of warning, lots of measures to cushion the blow, and lots of continued development even if transistors stopped shrinking.

The hardest hit would be companies dependent on consumers replacing their electronics every few years and tech companies such as Google whose long-term plans hinge on faster computers, cheaper storage, and better bandwidth. And the continuing miniaturization of computers -- mainframes to minicomputers to PCs to smartphones -- … Read more

Parallels 8 and Fusion 5 benchmarked

Both Parallels Desktop 8 and VMWare Fusion 5 have just been released, with each offering similar approaches to running Windows and other operating systems within OS X.

Since their release, I have used both of these virtualization packages, and in my personal experiences they work quite well to run Windows and integrate its services and programs into OS X. Both support some of the latest features of Mountain Lion such as full-screen modes, seamless presentation of Windows applications within OS X, and easy access to your OS X files from within Windows. In my experiences with running Windows XP and … Read more

Parallels Desktop 8 available

Parallels Desktop 8 has been made available for public purchase, offering faster graphics and improved startup and resume times over previous versions. If you need to run Windows or any other operating system on your Mac, then while dual booting is arguably the fastest and most stable option for executing code, another approach that perhaps has more utility is virtualization, where you can open a window to the hardware on your system and allow a second operating system to run simultaneously.

In the past week, the developers for the top two commercial virtualization programs for OS X (VMWare Fusion and … Read more

Parallels 8 retuned for Mountain Lion, Windows 8

BERLIN -- Parallels released version 8 of its virtualization product today, updating the Windows-on-Mac software to stay up to date with both Microsoft's and Apple's latest operating systems.

The software uses a technology called virtualization that lets a guest operating system, including Windows, Android, or other instances of OS X, run atop an OS X host. That's handy for transitions -- there are lots of new Mac users these days switching from Windows even if Windows still dominates.

There are two big reasons customers pay $80 for the software to do that, said Parallels Product Manager Kurt … Read more