Review: Panorama Camera 360 takes decent panoramas, but is hard to use

The idea behind Panorama Camera 360 is a good one, but you'll probably spend a lot of time trying to master the steps you need to take to get the best photos from it.

Panorama Camera 360 lets you take a sweeping photograph by turning with your camera as you take pictures. It will then stitch the images it captures together to make a neat photograph. To do this, Panorama Camera 360 needs you to hold the camera perfectly still while you're turning, which isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. You also have to … Read more

Five tips for the new Camera app on iOS 7

There isn't a single app or screen left unchanged in iOS 7, and the Camera app is no exception. From the way you navigate through the app, to the new option to use live filters when framing a shot -- the entire app has been redone. We've rounded up five new features in the Camera app to help you get started.


The first thing you'll notice when you launch the Camera app on iOS 7 is a horizontal list of the different camera modes. The default mode is Photo, with Square and Pano to the right … Read more

Google launches Views Web site for user-uploaded photo spheres

Google launched a new community Web site on Tuesday that allows users to submit and browse Street View-like photo spheres.

Dubbed Views, the Web site lets Google+ users upload images to Google Maps captured in the 360-degree panoramic format, Google said in a company blog post announcing the new site. Google launched the photo spheres format last October with the debut of Android 4.2

To upload photo spheres to Google, Google+ users need only to sign into their account and click the blue camera button at the top right of the page, Google Product Manager Evan Rapoport wrote in … Read more

Hidden iOS 7 feature puts panoramas in lock screen

An otherwise undocumented iOS 7 feature has been discovered that lets users view the entirety of large, panoramic photos on their iPhone's lock screen.

The feature uses the device's built-in gyroscope to track movement, and pans across the photo. In its demos of the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple had only shown off that the background of the lock screen and home screen would move slightly as users tilted the phone.

A Vine of the eye candy, spotted by Business Insider on Wednesday, shows the feature in motion. Try not to throw up watching … Read more

Google+ gives photo lovers what Facebook doesn't

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook has been the photo king since 2008, but Google just put the social network on notice.

Changes to the Google+ social network -- announced Wednesday at the Google I/O conference at the Moscone Center West here, and launching Wednesday as well -- include a new interface, some new Hangouts features, and most impressively, a series of automatic filters and hashtags for your photos. "Automatic filters," though, doesn't really do justice to how comprehensive they can be.

"Quite a lot [of the new automation] depends on the Knowledge Graph," said Dave … Read more

Five tricks for shooting eye-catching panoramas

Editors' note: This guest post is part of a five-part series on Photojojo's best photography tips. Check out the rest of Photojojo's tips here.

Maybe your phone has a built-in panorama feature, or perhaps you downloaded a panorama app on the recommendation of a friend. You've tried it once or twice, but after the initial excitement, it just hasn't stuck.

Well, there's more to squeeze out of your phone's pano-capturing chops. With a little thinking outside the box (as panoramas do so well), even places you pass everyday suddenly look so much more interesting.… Read more

Interactive panorama of Curiosity photos lets you take hi-rez Mars-walk

A stunning 4-gigapixel panorama of Mars, compiled from images captured by two mast cameras aboard NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, could be one of the most detailed views of our distant neighbor yet.

The panoramic picture of Gale Crater derives from 295 images that were digitally stitched together by Estonian photographer Andrew Bodrov. In its final form, the mosaic stretches out to an astounding 90,000 by 45,000-pixel resolution. … Read more

Take wide-angle photos with Wondershare Panorama

Panoramic photos have been the "it" feature for smartphones recently. However, if you're one of the many people whose smartphone doesn't come with a panorama app, try Wondershare Panorama for Android. It cobbles together panoramas accurately and lets you share your creations right from the app.

The app works just as you've come to expect panoramic photos to work. You hit the photo trigger and turn the phone slowly to capture the long-framed photo. Wondershare Panorama for Android also has a few Instagram-esque filters you can use, but you have to take the photo with … Read more

Gigapixel shot shows a whole lotta inauguration

When it comes to yesterday's inauguration, forget about high-def videos, transcripts, images from space, and all that jazz. The best glimpse of the ceremony resides in a gargantuan panorama that lets you zoom around the action that took place on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

The image, captured while Obama gave his inaugural speech, required 13 minutes of straight shooting using a dSLR and the Gigapan Epic Pro panorama-capturing device. To create the stunning mosaic, the Gigapan shot 305 high-resolution photographs of different areas in the scene, which were then stitched together to make the zoomable picture. … Read more

Mastering panoramic photography in iOS 6

Apple certainly didn't invent panoramic photography, but if you recently upgraded to iOS 6, and have an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5, the added feature might have sparked a newfound interest in this photography technique.

The basics Enabling panorama mode is easy. Launch the camera, tap Options, and select Panorama. Keep your iPhone in portrait mode, but before you begin the panorama, do the following:

Decide where to end. Though panorama mode is equipped to capture a 240-degree angle, you can stop at any time. That being said, decide where the photo will start and end. Change directions. … Read more