Whyd iOS review

Dubbed "the human Pandora," Whyd lets you listen to music on demand from YouTube, SoundCloud,, and Vimeo. Connect with like-minded music fans and listen to their favorite tunes, or create your own playlist via the Whyd Button on the main site.


Your music selection on demand: Creating your own playlist is a breeze. Use the Whyd Button (a type of bookmark), the Firefox add-on, or the Chrome extension to queue up songs from most popular music sites and add selections to your iPhone app. You can create and add tracks to playlists from your picks … Read more

Pandora Radio review

Pandora Radio lets you create your own stations with the kind of music you like and even gives you the option of listening ad-free for a small fee. And you can create as many different stations as you want, so you'll always have just the right station to match your mood.


Free listening: This app gives you the freedom to listen to a wide variety of songs by numerous artists for free. There are commercials every few songs, but they aren't long and generally only come one or two at a time, unlike commercials on actual radio … Read more

Sony steps closer to VR with Project Morpheus

CNET Update takes the blue pill:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn more about Sony's Project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4.

- Smile for the camera: Facebook is able to identify your face among millions of photos with technology called DeepFace.

- Use Skype on Android without killing your battery life.

- Pay more for commercial-free Pandora One, starting in May.

- Upgrade an older home into a smart home with the Aros window-mounted air conditioner.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for … Read more

Pandora One hikes subscription price, nixes annual option

Pandora is making a few changes to its premium streaming music service -- most notably a fee hike for new monthly subscribers.

The company announced Tuesday that because of rising royalty rates it pays to musicians, it's having to up its monthly fee for the first time since Pandora One debuted in 2009. Starting in May, new members will have to pay $4.99 per month rather than the current rate of $3.99 per month.

"The costs of delivering this service have grown considerably," Pandora wrote in a blog post. "For example, the royalty rates … Read more

iTunes Radio passes Spotify for 3rd in streaming music

iTunes Radio is only six months old but it's already snagged third place among people in the US who listen to streaming music services, at least based on a recent survey.

Polling more than 2,000 people in the US, Edison Research found that 8 percent listened to iTunes Radio in the past month. That compares with 6 percent overall for Spotify and 9 percent for iHeartRadio, according to a Statista chart chewing over the survey results.

Pandora is still by far the dominant streaming music service in the US with a 31 percent share based on the survey.… Read more

Like a rolling milestone: Pandora hits 250M registered users

Pandora said Thursday that it has surpassed 250 million registered users, who have created more than six billion stations on its Web-based radio service.

The company crossed the 200 million mark in April 2013. Pandora's first 100 million users took six years to generate; the next 100 million took two years.

The latest milestone indicates its growth, roughly 50 million registered users a year, has held up even as upstart rivals arise and tech giants introduce competitors. Pandora has prided itself in continuing to grow and lead the market by number of listeners, while giants like Apple and Google … Read more

Pandora hooks international Xbox exec as strategy chief

For its next strategy chief, Pandora Media has hired an executive who helped spur Xbox from power gaming console to an international multimedia hub.

Pandora, the operator of the Web's top radio service, said Monday it hired Sara Clemens as its chief strategy officer. Her responsibilities will be to lead the company's ongoing business strategy, corporate development, and international expansion efforts, and she will report to Chief Executive Brian McAndrews, who himself joined Pandora last year.

Pandora founder Tim Westergren previously held the title of chief strategy officer. A Pandora spokeswoman said Westergren's title was shifted simply … Read more

In Q4, Pandora posts highest profit as public company

Pandora Media, the operator of the Web's top radio service, reported its biggest quarter of profit since it went public, affirming expectations that investments to soup up its advertising engine would pay off.

But investors weren't celebrating, as they looked to the company's first-quarter guidance to find a wider loss than expected. Shares fell 8.7 percent to $32.71 in after-hours trading.

Chief Executive Brian McAndrews said the company would continue to "aggressively invest" this year, focusing most on building revenue and capturing a bigger audience.

The quarter was also complicated by Pandora's … Read more

Music apps pumped up the volume -- and dollars -- in 2013

An influx of new music apps may be raising the competition, but they're raising money as well.

App Annie, an analytics company that monitors app rankings, found music app revenue jumped 77 percent last year from 2012, in a review of app data. The category moved up to the third most popular type of app last year, after being ranked seventh in 2012. Social networking apps moved up the same number of steps in the rankings to the No. 2 spot, with games continuing to dominate the chart.

That music-app growth was led by Pandora. Worldwide, the Internet's … Read more

Pandora station suggestions amp up personalization

For Pandora, it's personal.

The Internet's top radio service said Wednesday it would launch personalized station recommendations in its mobile app. The feature suggests new station ideas based on your listening preferences as well as what the company knows from its data about other listeners' habits, which includes 35 billion bits of "thumbs up, thumbs down" feedback, the company said.

Listeners will be offered up to six artist station recommendations in their station list and when they create or delete a station.

It's "marrying all the data about you with the data we know … Read more