Use MagicScroll Web Reader for a better reading experience

Do you love reading articles online, but find yourself losing your spot often? The developer of MagicScroll Web Reader, Richard Wallis, proposes that the problem isn't social media and other computer distractions -- it's the way you scroll through large blocks of text online.

To combat the issue of scrolling and making your eyes search for where you left off, Wallis wrote a browser bookmarklet that changes normal scrolling to page-turning style. This means that instead of scrolling down a really long page, you can flip through it, just like you would do with a book.

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Google adds pagination to Google Docs

Google Docs users can now finally see page breaks in their documents, thanks to the latest update rolled out yesterday by the search giant.

Rather than display your documents as one long compact stream, the new pagination option visually shows each separate page, mimicking the traditional page view long found in Microsoft Word and other word processors. The option works in all the major browsers, not just Chrome, and can be turned on and off by clicking on the View menu, choosing Document View, and then opting for Pagination or Compact view.

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