FrostWire for Android review

FrostWire for Android combines a BitTorrent smart search aggregator with a Wi-Fi sharing platform and basic media player, which provides more functionality than torrent apps like uTorrent or BitTorrent, but overall lower performance.


Great for music lovers: FrostWire for Android offers music recommendations, enabling you to download albums from interesting artists with just one tap. The powerful music search feature and the integrated music player further increase the appeal of this app for music lovers.

Handy file-sharing: You can share files on your device locally with other users with just a few taps. If you have a good connection, … Read more

Phone Amego for Mac review

Phone Amego for Mac sits on your menu bar and interacts with your phone for a number of functions, monitoring and controlling calls, blocking unwanted callers, doing Web reverse lookups, and setting calendars. It works well and proves useful, but doesn't support Wi-Fi.


Intuitive interface: Configuring Phone Amego for Mac does not take long. Everything is clearly presented on the application's different panes. Setting your communication logging parameters, for instance, is as easy as ticking check boxes.

Works with AppleScript: You can use AppleScript to automate your interaction with connected phones, which means you can place calls … Read more

New Firefox 22 enables browser-based file-sharing

Today's stable release of Mozilla Firefox 22 (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) includes a variety of back-end technical updates and relatively minor tweaks (to be honest, the word-wrapping of plain-text files is the most relevant to me).

The most notable news is Firefox's new default support for WebRTC (the RTC stands for real-time communication), a set of API components that allows developers to create browser-to-browser applications without plug-ins. WebRTC was developed by Google for Chrome and open-sourced back in 2011, so Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Android) of course supports it as well.

In real terms, WebRTC enables features such … Read more

The 404 1,289: Where Alex Winter gets us Downloaded (podcast)

Our guest on today's episode is Alex Winter. You might recognize him as Ted from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," but you might not know that he's also a documentary filmmaker. His latest project is a story about the rise and fall of Napster called "Downloaded."

It traces the history of the file-sharing service but it also looks at the industry waves it caused in its aftermath, leading up to Spotify and iTunes as it exists today.

We'll talk with Alex about the road to making the movie, his introduction to Sean … Read more

The 404 1,235: Where we charge you just for browsing (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Jeff's review: Using Appetize at a concert.

- The end of "just browsing:" Australian store charges $5 browsing fee.

- How the P2P era of SEO-baiting, intentionally mislabeled MP3s changed our taste in music.

- Hollywood embraces the Tweaser on Vine.

- T-Mobile finally gets the iPhone.

- T-Mobile launches 4G LTE network.… Read more

Watch international video stations with SopCast for Mac

Despite the Internet's ability to connect Web sites and other content across continents, finding video content from other countries can be difficult. SopCast for Mac allows users to view channels originating in many countries from one program on their computer.

Available as freeware, the program's channels are also viewable at no cost. The program is small, downloaded quickly, and easily installed. In terms of functionality, SopCast for Mac allows you to watch from a list of channels organized by country of origin. There is also a menu allowing you to directly paste links to other SopCast channels not … Read more

Illegal music downloads dropped in 2012, says report

Fewer people are illegally downloading and sharing music, NPD Group said in a report today.

Among those surveyed for NPD's "Annual Music Study 2012," 40 percent who illegally downloaded music via peer-to-peer services in 2011 said they had stopped or decreased their illegal downloads in 2012.

Overall, the number of illegally downloaded songs from P2P services dropped by 26 percent in 2012 from 2011.

Part of that was due to an overall decline in the use of P2P services. At the 2005 peek of P2P file sharing networks, 33 million people used them. For 2012, that number … Read more

Skype 6.0 reduces barrier to entry and cleans up a bit

Just in time for Windows 8, Skype has now just released a major version update that adds improved integration with Microsoft and Facebook accounts, better messaging, and some minor changes to the user interface.

For those of you who've been living under a rock, Skype is one of the the most popular video chat and voice calling clients amongst our users as well as the world. It offers free calls to other Skype users over the Internet as well as very affordable rates for calling landlines and phones.

Version 6 brings a much simpler registration process, particularly with more … Read more

Repeated theft shuts down luxury car sharing startup

Peer-to-Peer luxury car sharing startup HiGear closed this week due to several thefts of members' cars.

It seems that being handed the keys to a virtual smorgasbord of luxury and classic cars was too tempting not to fall victim to a ring of professional car thieves. Using stolen identities and credit cards to bypass HiGear's member security checks, bandits boosted four member vehicles worth a total of $400,000, according to TechCrunch.com. The worst part is that members probably personally dropped the keys into the boosters' open hands.

Unlike other car-sharing networks, HiGear didn't use an iPhone-based … Read more

From creator of Second Life, yet another P2P commerce play: Coffee and Power

Philip Rosedale, the founder (and still chairman) of the company that made Second Life, is back with a new company in the hot consumer-to-consumer commerce space that TaskRabbit and Gigwalk are making popular. Coffee and Power is his creation. It is a little different from the other entries in this space, but conceptually not too far afield.

Coffee and Power is designed to be a marketplace for doing, "small, fast jobs," Rosedale says. He's proud that the service was built using itself (for the sake of this story, please ignore the chicken-and-egg problem). There are about 88,… Read more