Syria's Internet goes dark for several hours

After a more than seven-hour blackout, it appears the Internet has returned to Syria.

On Thursday morning several Internet monitoring firms began reporting a halt of online traffic in and out of the war-torn country. While it was clear something was amiss, it was unclear who or what was causing the outage.

In the past, divergent players such as the online hacking collective Anonymous or the Syrian Electronic Army -- a President Bashar Assad loyalist group -- have waged attacks on the country's Internet. However, Thursday's outage appears to have two different sources.

First, a group calling itself … Read more

New Bitcoin glitch: Blockchain suffers hours-long outage

A database problem has knocked Blockchain's Bitcoin wallet service offline for hours.

With the high-profile collapse of Bitcoin exchange site Mt. Gox in February and then Flexcoin's failure earlier in March, Bitcoin backers could be forgiven for fretting about the fate of their virtual currency. Blockchain servers house nearly 1.4 million bitcoin wallets, but the company says the access problem is only a temporary glitch -- albeit one that's lasted more than 16 hours so far.

Blockchain Limited Chief Security Officer Andreas M. Antonopoulos said in a blog post Monday:

Blockchain is experiencing a technical issue … Read more

Twitter crashes for 'most users'

Twitter went down for about 45 minutes Tuesday morning for "most users" on both the Web and on mobile apps, according to the company's status blog.

CNET first noticed the site down just after 11 a.m. PT. Though Twitter came back intermittently for some, it remained on the fritz until about 11:45 a.m. PT.

Update, 11:59 a.m. PT: Twitter is back up for CNET employees.

Update, 12:17 p.m. PT: Twitter updated its status blog at 12:12 p.m. PT explaining the cause and timing of the outage:

During a … Read more

WhatsApp blames latest outage on network router

A glitch that took down the WhatsApp messaging service Saturday was caused by a network router issue, the company said on Sunday.

The service was unavailable to a large number of users as of around 11 a.m. PT Saturday, a problem confirmed by WhatsApp's "WhatsApp Status" Twitter feed. WhatsApp was back in service by 2:47 p.m. PT on Saturday, according to an updated tweet.

On Sunday, WhatsApp founder Jan Koum issued a statement placing the blame on a network router.

"We are sorry about the downtime," Koum said in the statement sent … Read more

Gmail takes a Friday timeout

Google's Gmail service, which provides e-mail for around 450 million people, went offline Friday around 11:04 a.m. PT. Service began to return for many Gmail users 25 minutes later, while full service was restored this afternoon.

A Google spokesperson said that the company is looking into the outage.

Google quickly updated its apps status dashboard to reflect that Gmail was down. Officially, the company flagged the outage as a "service disruption," and not a "service outage," although that's probably little consolation to people who weren't able to access their Gmail. Google … Read more

Dropbox outage sparked by buggy server upgrade

Dropbox is pinning the blame for its Friday outage on a glitch in its server upgrade process.

The file storage and sharing site went offline on Friday and continued to suffer problems even after returning to life over the weekend. The remaining issues were corrected and the core service was restored as of Sunday 4:40 PM PT, according to Dropbox. For example, one issue prevented Dropbox users from sharing folders, but that feature is now working again.

How and why did the outage occur in the first place?

Rebutting earlier reports of a hack or DDoS (Distributed Denial of … Read more

Dropbox problems linger after Friday outage

Dropbox's service for synchronizing and sharing files experienced problems starting on Friday and extending to Sunday.

"We're continuing to make progress on reducing the number of users experiencing service issues," Dropbox said in a blog post late Saturday night, but on Sunday, some problems such as photo sharing folders persisted.

In an apology to users, the company said Saturday night that people's data is intact:

No files were lost in the outage, but some users continue to run into problems using various parts of dropbox.com and our mobile apps. We're rapidly reducing the … Read more

Xbox.com, other Microsoft sites hit by service disruption

A handful of Microsoft's online services, including Xbox.com, appear to be experiencing a global outage Thursday afternoon.

The outage, which Twitter users began reporting around 3 p.m., also affected Outlook.com and Office365.com, other online services hosted by Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service. Error messages generated during attempts to visit the sites indicated it might be a DNS issue.

Service Unavailable - DNS failure The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #11.83b302cc.1385076207.1118e9

The degree to which sites were affected appears to be varied. Some users … Read more

Facebook outages fixed, now 'back to 100%'

Facebook had a serious case of the Mondays.

The social-networking Web site went down for some this morning, with people unable to post a status update or even access the site.

Facebook has confirmed to CNET via a statement that there were issues that popped up during network maintenance.

Here's the full statement:

Earlier this morning, while performing some network maintenance, we experienced an issue that prevented some users from posting to Facebook for a brief period of time. We resolved the issue quickly, and we are now back to 100%. We're sorry for any inconvenience we may … Read more

Power outage halts Microsoft's financial analyst meeting

In the middle of Microsoft's closely-watched annual financial analyst meeting, a blown fuse shorted out some of the power in the company's Redmond, Wash., campus headquarters, causing the meeting's live stream to go dark.

Shortly after the live stream was interrupted, Microsoft tweeted this news:

Fuse blew in the building. Power went down. Should be restored shortly

— Microsoft News (@MSFTnews) September 19, 2013

This year's financial analyst meeting is most likely one of Microsoft's most closely watched annual meetings to date with speakers including CEO Steve Ballmer, CFO Amy Hood, and COO Kevin Turner. There … Read more