'Telephonetto' stays both smart and kosher

It's probably no longer a stretch to say the media overload we wade through each day of the Information Age can begin to eat away at the soul. In fact, some rabbis in Israel believe that's actually the case.

Enter the Telephonetto, which seeks to eliminate much of the temptation religious Jewish teens might encounter on a typical smartphone with access to the Web, mass media, and the many, er, less-than-kosher forms of content one might be able to consume via that tiny screen.

The phone, which has no Internet access and won't play videos, is the product of a collaboration between Eurocom Mobile Communications and some religious organizations in Israel. While it won't grant the kids access to Facebook, it still has other smartphone features like an audio player and camera. … Read more

The 404 1,043: Where we advocate hacking (podcast)

Our old friend Andrew Mager joins us in the studio this morning to tell us what it takes to earn the role of Hacker Advocate over at Spotify.

He'll also give us a live demo of some of the popular apps you can download for Spotify that help you discover new music, browse music lyrics, read more about your favorite artists, scan your albums using a Web cam, and more. Somewhere during this episode, we also decide to start a four-man band, so let us know what you think our name should be.… Read more