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EasyNoter Pro review

EasyNoter Pro is closer to an actual handheld diary or daybook than any full-featured personal information manager we've seen, but now you can use it for free, too. An attractive widget opens like an eBook to reveal a Diary, Notes, Address book, and Reminders. The unique and highly functional 3D layout also combines cyber and paper concepts in unexpectedly productive ways. EasyNoter Pro is free with a registration key that requires your name and e-mail address, or you can buy a permanent license for less than $10.


Cool covers: The supplied skin, Tribute to Cosmos, is one of … Read more

The 404 1,442: Where we're all mixed up (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Popcorn Time is just like Netflix, but everything is pirated.

- Polygon examines everything that went wrong with the "Street Fighter" movie.

- People are selling their organs on Facebook.

- In which Jeff attempts to explain cloud-gaming in Titanfall to Justin.… Read more

Quickly organize files into folders in OS X

If you regularly use the OS X Finder to manage your files, then you may find yourself organizing them in a classic fashion by first creating folders and then dragging items into these folders. While the final result is a classic hierarchy structure, the two-step process of creating a folder and then dragging items into it can be mundane, especially if you are organizing many files into different folders.

To help with this, OS X supports a quicker way to create a new folder containing files. Simply select your files, then right-click the selection and choose "New Folder with … Read more

Could your heart power its own pacemaker?

Scientists have been working for years on finding a way to harvest ambient energy continuously to power biomedical implants. The aim is to keep these vital implants running without the need for batteries, multiple invasive surgeries, and the like. From solar power to friction, to the energy produced when glucose breaks down or body temperature shifts, every rock is being turned over, looked under, and presumably considered for its potential as an energy source, too.

Now, bioengineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign say they are closing in on this goal. Perhaps the holy grail of biomedical energy harvesting is using nearby organs; the energy generated by our own hearts and lungs is so, well, reliable.… Read more

Microsoft updates Outlook's organizing tools

Celebrating what it says is "National Clean Out Your Inbox Week," Microsoft has added a few updates to Outlook's e-mail de-cluttering and organizing tools. Besides enhancing its Sweep to delete feature, the e-mail service has also upgraded ways to categorize and search for messages, along with other improvements.

Microsoft notes that average Outlook users get more than 10,000 personal e-mails a year and 80 percent of these are commercial e-mail, like newsletters, promotions, or updates. So, the company has aimed to make tools that let users more easily access the 20 percent of personal e-mails.

One … Read more

Scientists put backpacks on bees to study colony collapse

The global bee population has been in serious decline for some years, and scientists are devoting serious effort to trying to figure out why. There are a number of proposed causes for Colony Collapse Disorder, whereby worker bees suddenly vanish from a colony -- chiefly pesticide use, parasites, malnutrition, and disease -- and although it's strongly theorized that a combination of these factors is at play, no one really knows for sure.

Scientists at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) are trying a novel approach to understanding the phenomenon. Just like geolocation tags can now be worn by pets, CSIRO's team, led by Paulo de Souza, is attaching tiny sensors to the backs of bees to monitor where they go. … Read more

Fantastical 2 is the calendar app you wish Apple would have made

Fantastical 2 is one of those apps you look at in the App Store and think looks nice, but you can't justify spending money on something that only duplicates what the default iOS calendar app does.

The truth is, it does duplicate Apple's calendar app, but the real value comes in the form of the features it adds to your calendar. And there's no shortage of features in Fantastical 2.

Painless setupOnce you've installed Fantastical 2 you'll need to grant the app access to some of your personal information. Instead of requiring you to log … Read more

Review: Organize Me Personal Task Manager & To Do List is option packed

Organize Me Personal Task Manager & To Do List is a powerful organizational tool for your iPhone that allows you to keep track of various tasks, save photos and voice to a note, and more. While there are some issues, namely with the interface and the lack of labeling amid so much iconography, the app works very fast and offers a large number of options -- surprisingly so for a free app.

When you open the app for the first time, you are greeted with a tutorial screen that offers to show you how to use the majority of the … Read more

Callism wants to change the way you make phone calls

The App Store has no shortage of Phone applications. From Skype to Viber to WhatsApp, and even Line, there are many ways to make a voice call. But all of these services each promote their own third-party services over the regular calling and messaging functions of the iPhone. What if you wanted to use the calling plan that you already paid for? In comes Callism, an app aiming to make it easier for you to use the long-forgotten primary function of your iPhone -- making a call.

The app is not just offering a new service for making calls, but … Read more