Jelly taps your social network to get answers to any question

Part Snapchat, part Quora, Jelly (Android|iOS) is an photo-focused Q&A app that lets you ask any question of your friends and extended social network to get answers. You can ask any question you want, from, "Is that Thai restaurant is any good?" to, "What kind of weed is this?"

The app was built by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who describes Jelly as a new social search engine. Instead of heading to Google, Stone's goal is to get you to ask you friends and family for help, just as you would before the … Read more

How to get free Play store cash from Google

Want a quick and easy way to earn some Play store credits by offering nothing but some time and your opinions? Of course you do!

And Google wants your opinion, so it has released an app called Google Opinion Rewards for Android users. The app is free and only takes a few minutes to set up, with the process requiring you to take a survey. Your answers to the initial survey will be used to customize the surveys you'll receive on your device in the future.

According to Google Consumer Surveys announcement on Google+, users of the app can … Read more

You can be the Audiophiliac for a day

The Audiophiliac blog is almost six years old. I've written about everything from Spotify to dynamic range compression; from atrocious sounding music to the 30-year-old iPod; from the man with 230 turntables to 3D printing LPs and even a guy who makes boom boxes out of old suitcases, (not to mention the craziest high-end gear), but it's always about sound and music.

I always love to hear from Audiophiliac readers, but this time I'd like to give one of you a chance to spout a bit of audiophile wisdom. Write a great "think piece" about … Read more

CNET makes picks for Target

We're pretty busy reviewing almost every device known to man here at CNET, so we don't write about ourselves very often.

So please indulge me for just a moment while I promote something new for CNET: starting now, we're putting our badge of approval and links to reviews on aisle signs at Target stores and on Target.com. The goal? To make our expert, impartial opinion easy to find for more people.

You're reading this now, so you already know where to find CNET opinions. But if you or a less-tech-savvy friend find yourself standing in … Read more

E3 has lost its game

LOS ANGELES--As E3 2012 shuts its doors, we're not entirely sure we ever want them to open up again. Scott and Jeff spent a day going to press conferences and two full days on the show floor. It wasn't pretty and what follows is a brutally honest take on the show.… Read more

Thumb through user opinions

Thumb for Android gives you an easy way to pose questions to and get instant opinions from the public. If used correctly, this simple app can be a valuable tool for casual research or daily decision-making. It's also fun if you just want to have people chime in on random topics.

If the concept of Thumb seems familiar, that might be because the app was originally released under the name Opinionaided. Though its name is different now, the app has retained all of its core functionality and is more or less the same as before.

There are two ways … Read more

Leaked photo could show iPhone 5 screen production

Well it's not September 7 (or is it October 7) yet, so there's still time for some crazy iPhone 5 fever to spread around the Web. Today's installment brings a leaked photo reportedly depicting factory workers preparing iPhone 5 screens.

Two unfortunate details exist about this photograph however. The first, is the stunning lack of clarity in its framing. Nowhere in the photo is there anything to suggest that this is even an iPhone, let alone an iPhone 5. The second, and perhaps more gratuitous error is the lack of a source on the part of Cult … Read more

Lodsys files suit against New York Times, five others

Lodsys, the group that's gone after both mobile-application developers and large companies in defense of patents it holds, today filed a new patent infringement lawsuit aimed at The New York Times Co. and five others, all of which have previously taken legal action against it in separate court filings.

The suit (PDF), filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, takes aim at six parties: DriveTime Automotive Group, ESET, ForeSee Results, LivePerson, OpinionLab, and The New York Times Co. In its suit, Lodsys alleges that all of the companies are infringing on one or … Read more

Five ways the iPad's still better than my iPhone 4

Last week I endured a crazy line and my own nagging doubts/consumer guilt, and pulled the trigger to buy an iPhone 4. In our CNET office, I feel like a bit of an apologist. Many fellow editors are bullish about Android, and I already owned a 3GS. My purchase couldn't be fully justified, other than via one bit of logic: the iPhone remains my most-used gadget.

I also, as you might recall, own an iPad. It's been a surprisingly useful device, more so than I even expected. Even so, Apple's tablet has gotten tough love from … Read more