Review: ooVoo provides online video and conference call options

ooVoo for Mac's basic interface and features make it a good option for those looking to use their computer for video and conference calls over the Internet. The program also performs as a functional IM client.

The program is available to load for free, but some additional calling features require payments. For example, the application allows up to 12-way calling for free, but users must pay per caller above that number. Installation completed easily, as did account sign up, which walked the user through the process. Once initiated, ooVoo for Mac automatically signs the user in every time the … Read more

Video chats with up to 12 friends

ooVoo Video Chat is a free iOS app that lets you have up to 12 participants in a text and video chat session on Facebook. The app installs easily and lets you see four chat participants at one time (scrolling to other screens to see the rest), or you can zoom in on one participant while maintaining a small window showing your feed.

To use ooVoo Video Chat, you log into Facebook; you can ping anyone else who is also logged in. You have the ability to initiate text chat with some people, even while video chatting with others at … Read more

Oovoo video conferencing app comes to iPhone (hands-on)

Video calling apps are still fairly few and far between on the iPhone, but Oovoo for iPhone is already a step ahead in offering video conference calls with Oovoo for iPhone.

Features-wise, Oovoo on iPhone, which quietly entered the app store last week as a beta, closely resembles its Android cousin. It has a clean design that shows off the contact list, dialer, communications history, IM, and settings.

With it, you'll be able to place free voice and video calls to up to five other contacts, as long as they're using Oovoo on the iPhone, Android phone, PC, … Read more

Android Atlas Weekly 28: The first dual core Android phone (podcast)

The first dual core Android phone, a whole new Android Market. All that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, December 16th, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse along side guest host, Senior Associate Editor Jessica Dolcourt!

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LG’s Optimus 2X is first dual-core smartphone http://www.cnet.com/8301-19736_1-20025831-251.html

Rumor: Honeycomb will be released as Android 2.4 in February at MWC http://androidandme.com/2010/12/news/rumor-honeycomb-will-be-released-as-android-2-4-in-february-at-mwc/

Official Froyo … Read more

OoVoo to take its video-calling app mobile

With the advent of 4G bandwidth, the time may finally be ripe for high-data mobile video calling to take root. That's what video chat company OoVoo is banking on: it just announced its intention at CES to translate its desktop and Web video chat interface to the mobile phone.

Oovoo's desktop video-calling apps (Windows|Mac) can handle up to six conference-call lines at once, and can record conversations, to boot.

We can only guess at this point if video conference calls will figure into OoVoo's mobile app, since it won't even have a product to formally … Read more

Slideshow: Voice chat for free on your PC

You don't need a fistful of dollars to make an international call, just a computer with a microphone, speakers, and one of the six applications we gathered together for you in this collection of free voice-chat apps (some offer upgrades to premium services.) As a bonus, all of these fine downloads offer video calls to let you put a face to a voice.

Featured Freeware: ooVoo

ooVoo is an iChat-like video conferencing and chat tool for Windows, loaded with useful, powerful tools that make it a viable alternative for small work groups using conference calls and screen-sharing applications. A recording feature lets users tape video chats with other participants. Since the video and audio are being recorded to the hard drive, the only time limit is how much free space the computer's hard drive has. In testing, a nearly 15-minute, four-way video conversation only took up 95MB, which ooVoo can convert into a workable FLV file.

A conference calling tool gives host and participants a … Read more

Webware 100 winner: OoVoo

OoVoo is a free, standalone desktop chat application that has both a text and video chat capabilities. It can handle as many as six people in one video conference as well as a dozen in the integrated voice chat conference. Users can drop in and out of conversations, and the video windows will scale with a similar effect to iChat's "swoop."

OoVoo also doubles as a video e-mail service. Users can send each other video messages as long as a minute in length that are available right in the application or via e-mail. Users who get the … Read more

ooVoo adds screen sharing, free conference calling

Remember ooVoo, that iChat-like video conferencing and chat tool we took a look at back in June? Today they've launched a new version that has got a handful of useful, powerful tools that make it a viable alternative for small workgroups using conference calls and screen-sharing applications, such as WebEx.

First up is a new recording feature that lets users tape video chats with other participants. Since the video and audio are being recorded to the hard drive, the only time limit is how much free space the computer has. In testing, I managed to get a nearly 15 minute, four-way video conversation down to 95 MB file. The application took about 10 minutes to convert my conversation into workable FLV file that was at a full 1MB/S quality. It can also step it down to 256kb/s or 512kb/s if the file needs to be smaller.

The other really useful feature is a new conference calling tool that gives host and participants a landline number to call. Other ooVoo users who call this conference line get plugged right into the audio that's a part of the video chat, and just like the video recordings, this audio gets archived too. The new call in lines support up to six people, meaning users can have up to a dozen participants--including those on the video side. The call in service is free this month, but it is moving to a by-the-minute model in March.

Besides the video recording, the other new feature that I think people are going to like is an optional piece of software that's a companion for ooVoo's video player. The companion has two main uses. The first is a screen sharing application that lets users show off an entire screen, or certain zoom levels, to other video chat participants. Users can also drop media files, such as music, pictures, or video into the stream for other users to view. Secondly, it's got a built-in facial overlay tool, like Fix8, that applies digital overlays either to users faces or to replace backgrounds. It's great fun.… Read more

TechCrunch at DigitalLife: A taste of Valley culture amid consumer-tech blitz

You'd think it would've drawn crowds.

TechCrunch founder and controversial Valley 2.0 icon Michael Arrington was making a rare appearance in New York, moderating a panel at the DigitalLife trade show on Thursday night. And the panel in question, called "The Disruptors," included a few of the start-up world's hottest names: Napster, Plaxo, and Facebook veteran Sean Parker (currently of the Founders Fund); Oovoo CEO Philippe Schwartz; SpinVox co-founder Daniel Doulton; IGA Worldwide CEO Justin Townsend; and Ooma founder Andrew Frame. Considering the resurgence of tech culture and startup spirit in New York in … Read more