GM unveils app platform, partners with AT&T for in-car LTE

It's been a year since GM and OnStar opened up their app development platform to the masses -- and two years since the company's first LTE-enabled car, powered by Verizon. At the 2014 International CES, GM and OnStar are showing some fruit from that app platform and a new partner providing that sweet LTE bandwidth: AT&T.

Connected by OnStar is an HTML5-based platform and suite of components for developers to use in crafting their apps. In a move that's unlike the platforms offered by Toyota, Ford, or BMW, all app connectivity here relies on an … Read more

You can now unlock your GM car with your Windows Phone

If you lock yourself out of your General Motors car, but have a Windows Phone in your pocket, good news: you can now use your phone to get back in your vehicle.

Tuesday General Motors and Microsoft launched the OnStar RemoteLink app for Windows Phone, three years after the app launched with the Chevy Volt in 2010. The app is also available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

RemoteLink lets you unlock and lock your doors, remotely start your vehicle, and turn off and on your horn and lights, all from your smartphone. You can also view data on your car'… Read more

GM extends EV drivability with apps

With current technology, GM can't give its upcoming Spark EV more range, but its OnStar division is giving drivers the tools to deal with limited driving range. A new feature of OnStar's RemoteLink Mobile app will let drivers plan trips based on charging-station availability along a route.

Volt owners use the RemoteLink Mobile app to program charging times remotely. OnStar will add the new Waypoint tab in anticipation of next year's launch of the Spark EV. When a driver enters a destination, the Waypoint feature will plot a route incorporating necessary charging-station stops.

Given that the Spark … Read more

Which cities have the most helpful drivers?

OnStar took a look at its call logs to find out which cities had the highest number of Good Samaritans. It turns out the cities with the worst traffic also had the most helpful drivers.

Los Angeles, Chicago, and the New York metro area had the highest number of Good Samaritan calls to the emergency response service in the U.S. last year. OnStar counts a Good Samaritan call when a subscriber contacts the telematics operator to report another motorist's situation requiring emergency assistance, including collisions, flat tires, or responds to an Amber Alert. Drivers in these areas may … Read more

Video list: Top connected car technologies

Here is an essential set of CNET videos to introduce you to what's happening in the connected car space. It's taking place on many fronts, so this is just a snapshot and can't possibly be complete so stay on top of all the latest in connected cars at Cars.CNET.com.

Toyota Entune shows a smart way of prepackaging a suite of apps so car owners don't have to manage them.

Cadillac CUE will debut in 2012 with a lot of cues from the smartphone home screen and computer desktop.

The GM OnStar Mobile App is … Read more

Car Tech Live 235: Good old boys in an F-150 (podcast)

On this week's show, OnStar decides not to be nosy, BMW's M5 makes some noise, and we get our truck on.

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OnStar reverses snooping policy

BMW officially rebrands itself as Ultimate Poser Car

M-B gets a 4-cyl in the U.S.

Artist renders next-gen Toyota Supra concept

Nissan building GT-R based 'Super Juke' (rumor)

Car Tech Live 234: Honda Civic Hybrid (podcast)

Hyundai bails on EVs, satellite radio just got more expensive, when is it cheaper to fly? (there's an app for that), and we drive the new (but maybe not new enough) Honda Civic Hybrid.

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Hyundai seems to be bailing out on battery electric cars

The world's fastest hybrid car is...

An app to tell you when it really is cheaper to drive.

Is OnStar spying on you, or just doing business 21st century style?

CNET Reviews the 2012 Honda Civic HybridRead more

With OnStar app, send an address to your car from your phone

Today GM released a new version of its OnStar RemoteLink app that provides a seamless way to send an address from your smartphone to your car.

Powered by Microsoft's Bing on Android and Google Maps on iPhone, RemoteLink users can search for a nearby businesses using voice or text and send the destination to their OnStar-equipped vehicle, provided they have an active Connections and Directions subscription. Users can save up to five addresses in the app, and send addresses from a contact in their address book.

I reviewed OnStar's app last year, and found myself frequently wishing I … Read more

Car Tech Live 186: Upate your Facebook status while driving (podcast)

Onstar starts Facebook testing, Toyota tweets about six new hybrids, Sony announces four new car stereos, we take a ride in the new Ford Edge.

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Onstar starts Facebook testing

Audi trusts Facebook users, brings TT RS to U.S.

Tesla to supply batteries for Daimler E-Cell EV

Toyota tweets six new hybrids, electric Rav4

Sony announces quartet of low-cost car stereos

OnStar starts Facebook testing

A select group of OnStar customers will have the opportunity to start beta testing Facebook in their cars today. We attended a demonstration of OnStar's new Facebook app to see how it works.

Participants can add their Facebook log-in to their OnStar account via the Web. Once enabled, you can hear Facebook status updates in the car. During a demonstration, an OnStar representative pushed the blue OnStar button and requested Virtual Advisor, a voice command gateway to OnStar services. After giving the command for Facebook, OnStar read the Facebook newsfeed out loud in the car.

The system, which uses … Read more