Review: Onava Protect creates a series of added security layers on your phone

Onava Protect - VPN Security is a powerful added layer of security for your iPhone, constantly checking for and blocking unsafe forms and Web sites to protect your device. With the iPhone becoming one of the most popular tools on the planet for surfing the Web, it has become increasingly important to have security measures in place, and Onava Protect manages to integrate well into the iOS architecture.

What sets Onava Protect apart from other security tools is that it works with your existing apps. It doesn't require a third-party browser. Instead it installs a security certificate on your … Read more

Apple Maps uses less data than Google Maps, says study

Apple Maps has taken it on the chin for its faulty data, but a new study cites one advantage for the beleaguered app.

Apple Maps chews up less data -- just one-fifth as much -- than does Google Maps, according to Onavo. Running both apps through a series of scenarios, the analytics firm found that the average amount of data downloaded by Apple Maps was around 271 kilobytes. In contrast, Google Maps consumed around 1.3 megabytes on average.

In certain cases, such as zooming in to a specific spot, Apple Maps proved seven times more data efficient than Google … Read more

Onavo Extend helps you use less data on Android 4.0

If you've only got a 1 or 2GB plan, adding a data-saving app like Onavo Extend might be a step in the right direction. You may remember my post about Onavo Count, an app for calculating your data usage, which is very similar to this one. The big difference between the two is that Extend takes saving data a step further by using its servers to compress data you request before it gets sent to you.

This app does come with a couple of caveats, though. First, it's not ideal for large file downloads, as it will reduce … Read more

Track Android data usage with Onavo Count

As more wireless carriers switch to tiered, capped, and throttled data plans, it's becoming more important to be aware of your data consumption. By knowing just how much data you need when mobile it becomes easier to select a plan that fits your needs. After all, the prices of unlimited data plans have gone up, and even the medium tier plans can cost a pretty penny. So how can you find out which apps are eating all your data and ultimately pick the right plan?

Onavo, mostly known for its work in data compression on iOS, offers an … Read more