How to make Chrome's omnibox return only search suggestions

Chrome's omnibox can be a little too helpful sometimes. Begin entering in a word or phrase, and it starts autocompleting, spitting out suggested search terms, e-mails, bookmarks, and past pages from your browser history.

In many instances, however, you use the omnibox to perform a simple Web search and want to see only suggested search terms. In such an instance, enter a question mark before your search term and in the omnibox's drop-down menu, you'll see only search suggestions.

Now, you can simply click in the omnibox and key in a "?" or you can use … Read more

For Chrome, the Omnibox is not enough

Google has begun to make its latest revision to the New Tab page in Chrome available to a small group of people, the company said in a blog post on Monday.

Google has said that it hopes that the cosmetic update, first announced last December and previously available to some people only in Chrome's Beta and Dev testing channels, will result in faster search times. The New Tab page with embedded search is available to a limited number of people on Chrome Stable for Windows and Mac, and Chromebooks.

The search box includes an open Application Programming Interface (API), … Read more

Chrome 29 adds a reset button

On Tuesday, Google announced a new update to the Chrome browser, adding improved omnibox suggestions based on the most recently visited Web pages. The update also brings a fresh reset feature, similar to Firefox's own browser reset button. This is helpful for eliminating all those unwanted extensions and unintended add-ons that you may have accumulated over the years inside your Chrome extensions. Your themes, bookmarks, and Chrome apps should still remain intact.

Mac users also get rich notifications support for in-app- and extension updates.

Grab the Chrome updates here: Windows Mac

Chrome update introduces reset button

Your personal stew of settings changes, add-ons, and other customizations can sometimes weigh down your browser, which is why Google has introduced a reset button in the latest build of Chrome stable.

Chrome 29 (download for Windows, Mac, or Linux) also includes more of your personal information in its Omnibox search suggestions, while Chrome 29 for Android (download) gets rudimentary Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) support.

The Omnibox improvement adds your recently visited sites to its mix, "resulting in more timely and contextually relevant suggestions," according to Google's blog post about the release.

Chrome's browser reset is … Read more

Chrome search refinements on their way

Some slight search changes are coming to Chrome, as Google updates the developer's version of the browser today to make getting to your search results more quickly.

Initially released to a small subset of people using Chrome dev for Windows (download) and the developer's version of Chrome OS (read CNET review) that also have Google set as their default search provider, the changes affect both the new tab page and any searches you type into your location bar.

Google software engineer David Holloway wrote in his blog post announcing the search improvements that they're a response to … Read more

Chrome 17 tweaks speed, download security

Safer downloads and a cautious expansion of site pre-caching land in Chrome 17 today, continuing Google's two-tiered approach to browser speed and user safety.

Google Chrome 17 stable for Windows (download), Mac (download), Linux (download), and Chrome Frame includes a number of new extension APIs and security fixes.

As revealed in the Chrome 17 beta version, Chrome's safe browsing technology will now scan downloads as well as Web sites. It looks for known malware files, and it analyzes installation files starting with Windows-based EXE and MSI. Google hasn't clarified if the scan will later include other Windows-based … Read more

New RockMelt socializes Chrome's Omnibox, new tabs

While the big browser conflagration between Chrome and, oh, just about everybody else tends to suck the oxygen from a room, the Chromium-based RockMelt continues to keep its users warm and toasty with new features focusing on where social intersects the Web.

RockMelt beta 5 for Windows and Mac will be available around 8:30 a.m. PT Wednesday. Beta 4 is currently available for people who want to get a head start.

Facebook is already an integral part of the RockMelt experience, since an account is required to log in to the browser. RockMelt co-founder and CEO Eric Vishria … Read more