Float down fairways on this hovercraft golf cart

Golf can be frustrating on the best of days. What better way to calm your nerves than to sail around the links on this hovercraft golf cart?

Bubba Watson, 2012 Masters champion, and his sponsor, Oakley, recently teamed up with Neoteric Hovercraft to launch this super sophisticated way of getting from hole to hole.

The hovercraft maker released a video of Watson riding on a 9-foot air cushion at Arizona's Raven Golf Club.

The BW1 has a "footprint pressure" of 33 times less than a human footprint, leaving relatively little impact on the course itself. … Read more

Skiing showdown: GPS-informed goggles miss the mark

As a skier, I've often wondered how fast I'm skiing when I'm skiing really fast.

Turns out it's 44.7 miles per hour.

I got my answer from Zeal Optics's Z3 goggles during a December trip to Whistler Blackcomb mountain in British Columbia. The Z3s are a new, and very expensive, breed of goggles that capture data using GPS technology and flash it on a tiny heads-up display unit at the bottom of the field of vision on the right side of lens. Zipping down Springboard, a wide-open, groomed intermediate run, the tiny display ticked off my speed as the slope steepened and the wind whistled past me.

Zeal is one of a handful of ski goggle makers selling devices that include the heads-up display technology from Recon Instruments, a Vancouver, B.C., company that's trying to bring hands-free, real-time performance statistics to skiers. The devices include tiny GPS receivers and a set of sensors to provide speed, distance, vertical descent data, and more. I also brought along goggles from Oakley and Smith Optics that use Recon's heads-up displays to test during my ski trip as well.… Read more

Goggles with built-in display let you ski like a boss

Who needs a ski resort map, when your goggles can tell you right where you are?

Next Monday, Oakley, one of the largest sports optics makers in the world, will unveil its $599 Airwave ski goggles, an all-new product featuring a small built-in heads-up display that mimics what appears to be a 14-inch screen seen at a distance of five feet.

The display, created using what is called "prism" technology, shows a wide range of imagery and information, including where a skier is, where their friends are, and even data about the last jump they took, or the … Read more

Oakley eyeing Google Glass rival

Oakley may be hoping to out-glass Google with its own brand of eyewear that can display information directly on the lenses.

The company's CEO Colin Baden told Bloomberg that it's creating technology to tie smartphone features into eyewear. The project is still in the experimental stage, and Baden wouldn't confirm if Oakley plans to launch its own such eyewear. But he did reveal a few features he'd like to see in the product.

The eyewear would work on its own to display information but also team up with a smartphone through Bluetooth. The device could even … Read more

The 404 989: Where a rose can bloom in the desert (podcast)

Simpsons fans in Los Angeles are meeting up today to kick off the Ultimate Fan Marathon Challenge in an effort to beat the world record for consecutive TV watching currently set at 86 hours, 6 minutes, and 41 seconds. On today's show, we'll discuss the challenge and propose one of our own that may be a little more difficult to achieve.… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1346: RockMelt our hearts (podcast)

Happy Monday, everyone! On today's show, we're loving the new RockMelt browser, even though yes, we know, we could do the same thing with extensions. We just don't want to. Also, Apple doesn't care if you make it to work on time, they're not fixing that DST alarm bug. Maybe you're just waking up wring. Also, we go crazy for the Call of Duty: Black Ops ad and I launch the most unfair phone-return plan ever. --Molly

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Oakley focuses on 3D future

"Cool" is not the word you'd use to describe the look of people wearing 3D glasses.

The glasses are ill-fitting, made of cheap plastic, and usually pretty uncomfortable to wear. So naturally a glasses manufacturer whose hipness is its brand calling card is trying to change that.

Oakley is now announcing its first model of 3D glasses.

The first model is based on a current style of sunglasses Oakley already sells, called the Gascan. But in place of polarized sunglass lenses are lenses optimized for watching 3D content. These lenses have a technology inside them Oakley calls HDO-3D, which the company's optical scientists have developed over the last two years. The way the lenses have been constructed is an attempt to make watching 3D comfortable and minimize eye strain.

And not to mention, improve the style. Oakley CEO Colin Baden isn't shy about sharing his feelings about the 3G glasses you're handed at the theater today. "They make you look like an idiot," he said in an interview.

Few would probably disagree. One of Baden's biggest complaints about the current crop of 3D glasses? "They don't wrap," he said.

Oakley's signature look is that wraparound style, but Baden swears it's not just for looks.

"It's better for peripheral vision," according to Baden.

But there's a cost to looking cool and being comfortable in a dark 3D theater: the first pairs, with a choice of black or white, will sell for $120.

If your eyes bugged out of your head when you read that, you're not alone, but Baden insists the value is in all the places you can use them, and the "optically correct" lenses. … Read more

An iPhone case for the post-apocalypse

We're starting to get a little worried about the folks over at Oakley. Maybe we should have been tipped off when they started adding camouflage gear to their line of MP3 sunglasses, just one example of what seems to be a direction with a distinctly survivalist bent.

Following its bizarre post-apocalyptic headgear, the company has now come out with an industrial-strength rubberized iPhone case that looks perfectly appropriate for the Mad Max generation, as seen on CrunchGear.

As is often the case with Oakley's offerings of late, information is little to none on this item--we suspect that they … Read more