Why open a huge new record store in 2013?

I know, times being what they are for the music business, it seems like a crazy, even contrarian thing to do. But Rough Trade just opened a 15,000-square-foot record store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York. The store only sells new CDs and LPs, no used stuff, along with various music-related merch like books and magazines.

Rough Trade NYC is a big, wide-open, converted warehouse space -- it feels like it's been there for a long, long time. Rough Trade has a similar, but much smaller, shop in London, which opened in 2007, and it's doing fine. … Read more

Crazy sounds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

William Kentridge's "The Refusal of Time" (2012) creates its own environment through the ever-morphing, large-format videos depicting the collision of technology, social upheaval, and industry. The five videos display a series of scenes, texts, shifting diagrams and papers, and laborers shown in silhouette marching across the screens. Music and voices come from eight speakers -- four large JBL studio monitors -- and four smaller megaphone-like horns that make announcements throughout the piece.

Picture and sound quality are exceptional, and while the sound is realistically loud, I never thought it was too loud. The running time is 30 … Read more

Tech lobby group files brief against NY's Airbnb subpoena

A lobbying group for tech's most powerful companies is voicing its support for Airbnb, as the company faces a subpoena from the New York Attorney General's office.

The Internet Association filed an amicus brief Friday that argues the Attorney General is acting out of his scope of power by filing a subpoena to collect data from the peer-to-peer home rental company. Airbnb, which lets hosts rent out their homes through its site, is a member of the association, along with tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

The AG's office, which filed a response Friday to Airbnb'… Read more

The Bunker: Brooklyn's hippest recording studio

The Bunker Studio is a 3,000-square-foot recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that's owned by a pair of musician/engineers, John Davis and Aaron Nevezie. I dropped by a few days ago as Nevezie was working with singer Rachel Platten, and watched her tune "Ask Me" take form.

Nevezie favors a mix of analog and digital gear to get the sounds he wants. Brad Williams played drums and added bass and deliciously weird electronic textures with an original analog Minimoog synthesizer. The vibe was relaxed, and Nevezie was open to exploring Platten's and Williams' ideas. The … Read more

Build your own Moto X smartphone

CNET Update speaks with stickers:

In this episode of Update:

- Get clues about the mysterious Moto X and Droid Ultra smartphones.

- Prepare for a rush of unique domain extensions as New York launches the .NYC domain.

- Send quirky Facebook stickers in messages through the website.

- Try out Songza's new interactive ads, or pay for ad-free streaming.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's ahead. Subscribe to the podcast via the links … Read more

New York becomes first U.S. city to get unique Web domain

It appears a new domain landgrab has begun, kicking off with New York City becoming the first place in the U.S. to get its own top-level domain: .nyc.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the news Tuesday, saying this new URL will greatly help residents and businesses establish themselves as true New Yorkers.

"Having our own unique, top-level domain -- .nyc -- puts New York City at the forefront of the digital landscape and creates new opportunities for our small businesses," Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement. "They'll now be able to identify themselves … Read more

New York subway to get massive navigation touch screens

Some people are pros at navigating the New York City subway system. Blindfold them, spin them around, set them loose, and they'll still get to their destination on time.

Others need a little assistance, and those people are about to get a high-tech helping hand thanks to a collaboration between the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Control Group, a technology and design agency.

The Control Group is going big by unleashing a herd of 47-inch touch-screen kiosks across some of the busiest subway stations in the city. Millions of riders each day will have the chance to see and interact with the screens. The interactive machines will replace the old-school maps currently in use.… Read more

The 404 1,232: Where we see through your Subreddit (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- How Facebook knew a man was gay before anyone else did .

- NYC subways deploy a touch-screen network, complete with apps and Wi-Fi.

- Man who got porn site logos tattooed on his face now somehow regrets his decision.

- Lululemon pulls popular yoga pants for revealing too much.… Read more

Making sense of the PS4 game lineup

NEW YORK--So the world didn't exactly get what it wanted out of Sony's PlayStation 4 debut tonight. There was no sight of the actual console itself and details about its specific release date and price were also nowhere to be seen.

Sony's team-up with Gaikai is sure to net some interesting ideas and implementations with cloud streaming, the sharing of game screens, remote play, and other concoctions, but the games themselves were what made the biggest impact.

Those pondering the PS4's gaming prowess were served an interesting dish. Ten or so major developers were represented in … Read more

Blizzard puts kibosh on Surface Pro launch event in NY

Microsoft's planned Surface Pro launch event in New York City tonight has been canceled due to a blizzard that's expected to hit the area today.

But users who aren't put off by the rain, sleet, and snow will still be able to go to the Union Square New York Best Buy store and purchase Surface Pros starting at midnight.

Microsoft had invited a number of "Most Valuable Professionals" and other selected guests to attend a prelaunch event near the Best Buy store. The head of the Surface team, Panos Panay, was going to be in … Read more