Man with a vision: Movidius' CEO talks Project Tango (Q&A)

When Google's mobile 3D-mapping effort Project Tango hit the dance floor this week, it did so fueled in large part by the Myriad 1, Movidius' unique computer vision processing chip. CEO Remi El-Ouazzane says that Movidius sees a future forever changed by the firm's hardware and companion software.

A graduate of Harvard Business School and most recently the worldwide general manager of the Open Multimedia Applications Platform group at Texas Instruments, French native El-Ouazzane has a long history of involvement in Android. That made Google's Project Tango, developed by the Advanced Technology and Projects group formerly of … Read more

Nvidia launches midrange GPUs with Maxwell architecture

Nvidia on Tuesday gave gamers a hint of what's to come with its new Maxwell architecture.

The graphics chipmaker unveiled its updated GeForce GTX 750i and GeForce GTX 750 graphics processing units (GPUs), which are aimed at the midrange graphics market. The chips are 50 percent faster than their predecessor -- Kepler -- and twice as energy efficient, thanks to the inclusion of Maxwell. The graphics chips are the first time the architecture has hit the market.

The low power consumption of the chips means users don't need special power connectors for them. They also run quietly, which … Read more

PCs sales may suck, but people still are buying Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia can always count on the gamers.

The Santa Clara, Calif., graphics chipmaker on Wednesday posted fiscal fourth-quarter revenue and earnings that were better than analysts had expected. Nvidia also projected revenue of about $1.05 billion in the current period, higher than the $1 billion Wall Street anticipates.

A big reason for its better-than-anticipated results was strong sales of high-end graphics processors to PC gamers.

"Quarterly revenue came in well above our outlook, driven by PC gaming, capping an outstanding year for our GPU business," CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in a press release.

Huang told CNET that … Read more

Torvalds gives Nvidia software thumbs up, not middle finger

In a surprise move, Nvidia has contributed software that will help Linux take advantage of the graphics horsepower of the company's new Tegra K1 mobile chip -- and Linux project leader Linus Torvalds is happy about the reversal of fortunes.

"This time I'm raising a thumb for Nvidia. Good times," Torvalds said Sunday night on Google+, a strong contrast to a June 2012 speech in which Torvalds instead offered Nvidia a middle finger for its non-cooperation. Nvidia has preferred to offer proprietary binary drivers to let operating systems use its graphics chips, not open-source software that … Read more

Nvidia K1 chip sees the open road

LAS VEGAS -- Driver assistance systems that will enable the autonomous car rely on radar, lasers, and cameras to see the road, but all that information also needs to be analyzed and understood. Nvidia demonstrated how its new K1 graphic processor, announced at CES 2014, can recognize street signs, lane lines, and other vehicles.

At its booth, Nvidia fed a test bed fitted with the K1 chip a recorded video of a drive down a road from a single camera. Using image recognition libraries, the chip analyzed the video and highlighted speed limit signs in red, other vehicles in blue, … Read more

Nvidia unveils Tegra K1 graphics chip

Nvidia hopes its chips are so advanced you'll think extraterrestrial life was behind them.

The company on Sunday unveiled the latest in its line of "impossibly advanced" mobile chips, the 192-core Tegra K1.

Earlier in the day, the chipmaker confirmed that it was behind a rather elaborate publicity stunt: a crop circle that appeared late in 2013 in a field in Chualar, Calif., about 2 hours south of the San Francisco Bay Area. The image represented one of the company's mobile chips and contained the numbers 1, 9, and 2 in braille, a reference to the … Read more

Nvidia at CES 2014: Join us at 8 p.m. PT Sunday (live blog)

It's that time of year again, and Nvidia again kicks off the Consumer Electronics Show with the first major press conference of the week.

The Santa Clara, Calif., chipmaker will hold its event at 8 p.m. PT on Sunday at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas. CNET's Eric Franklin, James Martin, and I will bring you all the live news, photos, and commentary starting about 30 minutes before the event.

Join CNET's live blog of Nvidia's CES press conference. Traditionally known for making graphics processing units found in computers and game consoles, Nvidia … Read more

Nvidia Shield, Qualcomm Toq: Carrying a torch for consumers

Months before the first iPod was announced by Apple, another company -- one that has much to do with the performance of today's Macs -- announced its own digital music player.

Intel's Pocket Concert won praise for its audio quality but wasn't much to look at. The silver-and-blue MP3 player, along with Intel's other consumer products -- a digital microscope and unreleased Web tablet -- failed to get much traction. Intel exited the consumer market with the realization that the best course of action was to stick to its silicon knitting and avoid efforts that required … Read more

Nvidia CEO: We intend to keep investing in Shield

Nvidia's Shield gaming device is no one-off project for the company.

When asked about whether Nvidia would work on a follow-up to the Android-gaming device, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang would only say that he intends to continue investing in Shield.

"We developed (Shield) as a platform to nurture and grow the Android gaming market," Huang told CNET on Thursday. "To bring great games to Android will take multiple years. It's a long-term endeavor for us."

As Nvidia sees it, more sophisticated-looking games on Android will drive the need for more powerful processors, which is where … Read more

Nvidia beats estimates, but sales, revenue down

While everyone was looking at Twitter's IPO soar and Groupon shares plummet, Nvidia quietly published its third-quarter earnings report after the closing bell on Thursday.

The GPU maker reported a net income of $118.7 million, or 20 cents per share (statement). Non-GAAP earnings were 26 cents per share on revenue of $1.054 billion, down 12.5 percent year over year. EPS was down by a whopping 39.4 percent from the same quarter last year.

Nevertheless, Nvidia still beat estimates given that Wall Street was looking for earnings of at least 20 cents per share on revenue … Read more