Nintendo sets Wii U price, unveils TVii

Wii play around for Thursday's Nintendo news roundup:

Nintendo announced that its new Wii U game console will be available in the U.S. on Nov. 18, coming in two flavors. The white "Basic" bundle is $300 and comes with a GamePad and Wii U with 8 GB of memory. But it makes more sense to pick up the $350 black "Deluxe" bundle, which includes a 32 GB Wii U system, charger, stand and Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land is a pack of 12 mini games which use the GamePad and allow 5 people to play … Read more

Must-have Nintendo Wii accessories

If the $50 price drop on the Nintendo Wii was enough to make you pull the trigger, we definitely recommend checking out a few accessories for the console. Sure, not all of them are necessary, but we think most of them will improve your overall experience with the Wii.

The first pair of accessories you'll probably want to invest in is another Wii remote ($35) and nunchuk ($20) attachment. The Wii only ships with one set and if you plan on playing with more than one person, you're going to need these. While the nunchuk doesn't require … Read more

Are they just messing with us now? The strangest Wii accessory yet

Just when you thought Nintendo Wii accessories couldn't get any more bizarre, along comes a patent filing that has left us speechless. According to the actual online patent page, the proposed inflatable air cushion will have room for a Wii remote and can be used to simulate riding on the back of an animal or being in the driver's seat of a vehicle.

Judging by the rest of the images in the set, the user would be able to plug in a Nunchuk attachment as well. The sample figure drawings also suggest the cushion itself wouldn't be … Read more

Get a Wii controller and nunchuk for $35 shipped

I didn't mind dropping $250 for the Nintendo Wii game system (well, OK, of course I did), but $60 for each additional controller and nunchuk? That, my friends, was painful. ("What do you mean you're going outside to play? Get back here and bowl with your family!")

If only had had these deals back then: a refurbished Wii wireless controller for $22.99 shipped and a refurbished Wii nunchuk for $11.99 shipped. Grab 'em both and you're out the door for $34.98.

These are official Nintendo controllers, not third-party knock-offs. The … Read more

Nyko Kama Nunchuk gets rechargeable battery, dock

When we reviewed the Nyko Kama Wireless Nunchuk our biggest complaint was that it required two AAA batteries. That aside, we really enjoyed the luxury of removing the wire that normal tethers your Wii remote to the nunchuk.

Nyko has responded to some of our gripes with the Kama Charge Kit, a rechargeable version of the Kama nunchuk that docks and charges in a special cradle molded for it. The kit also adds a rubberized backing to the wireless nunchuk--a feature we really liked included with the original Charge Station.

In addition to storing and charging the Kama nunchuk, there'… Read more

Asus Eee Stick looks very familiar

Asus has announced its first-ever motion control wireless joystick that the company is calling the Eee Stick. Now where have we seen this before? Ah that's right; it's almost an exact copy of the Remote/Nunchuk combination that you use with your Nintendo Wii. The Eee Stick uses a 2.4GHz RF USB dongle and requires two AA batteries for each controller.

The Eee Stick will allow you to "get into the swing of gaming" as it will be bundled with certain Eee PC and Eee Box products. While the Eee Stick will work with any … Read more

Another wireless nunchuk option surfaces

We recently reviewed the Nyko Kama Wireless Nunchuk for the Nintendo Wii, and while we considered it to be a luxury item, we thought it was a great way to rid yourself of that last wire from your Wii experience.

Now from Engadget comes word of a new wireless solution to the original nunchuk, but instead of offering a self-contained wireless unit, this adapter takes your current nunchuk and turns it into a wireless one. Just like the Nyko, this uses two AAA batteries and operates on a 2.4GHz transmitter.

From the pictures on the product page, it doesn'… Read more