Kwerty Gmail Notifier review

Kwerty Gmail Notifier is a utility that will alert you whenever you have a new email, so you don't have to constantly check your email, manually. Customize your alerts, and set up the program to check for new messages as often as you'd like to ensure you always know when that email you've been waiting for comes in.

This app has a super-streamlined interface, as it runs from the taskbar on the bottom left-hand side of your desktop. Right-clicking on the program icon will bring up the menu, with options that allow you to open your inbox, … Read more

For Samsung and Galaxy Gear, less may be more

The Galaxy Gear may benefit from the KISS principle: Keep it simple, Samsung.

When looking at the plethora of wearable devices unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, other companies certainly followed that principle. A walk around the show floor saw startups such as Martian and Pebble and major players such as LG and Sony introduce new wearable gadgets. And in most cases, they offered either a single benefit, such as health tracking, or a handful of clearly defined features, such as notifications from a paired phone.

Compare that to Samsung's Galaxy Gear, which is packed to … Read more

Wearable tech from CES 2014

As expected, wearable tech has been garnering a lot of the buzz at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. So far we've seen a slew of new smartwatches and fitness trackers, including the new Steel from Pebble; Core, Sony's tinest wearable yet; and from Razer, Nabu, a wearable tech that actually meshes the two concepts. Check this space for more updates throughout the week.

Health trackers in full force at CES 2014 CNET's Bridget Carey and Scott Stein look at the many flavors of health-tracking bracelets unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Tech for … Read more

Review: Receive pop-up notifications about any of your apps with Popup Notifier Free

Popup Notifier Free delivers cool pop-up notifications for all of your apps. Depending on how many you set up, it can get overwhelming, but it is nice to have the option for e-mail and beyond.

This app lets you get pop-up notifications when anything interesting happens with any of your apps. This starts with basic stuff like e-mails or texts, but can provide notifications for changes in just about any program. In order to get pop-ups for most, you'll have to give Popup Notifier Free access to your accessibility settings, which comes with all sorts of scary warnings about … Read more

Five apps that put a twist on Android notifications

Since its inception, one of the best features built into the Android experience is the manner in which notifications are handled. Yet, as great as the status bar is at displaying missed calls and new emails, app developers have come up with even more clever ways of delivering bite-size broadcasts.

I've collected a smattering of Android applications designed to enhance notifications and updates, some of which you can highly customize. If you're interested in putting a new twist on those boring old text message notifications, these are a great jumping-off point.

While some of the following apps can … Read more

Use Pebble with an Android device? Install this app

Now that the masses have the chance to walk into Best Buy and pick up a Pebble watch, the weaknesses of the watch and apps will naturally be front and center. One of the weaknesses of the current official Pebble Android app is lack of support for notifications from third-party apps.

Pebble Notifier, a free app available in the Play Store, will send notifications from any app installed on your device to your Pebble watch. Setup takes little time, and is very straightforward.

To use the app, you're required to grant it accessibility access (the same is required by … Read more

Put Feedbin in your Mac's menu bar with FeedbinNotifier

Unless you've been living in a cave with no access to the Internet, you likely know Google Reader is now dead. If this comes as a surprise to you, you still have time to export your Reader data through Google's Takeout service. Be sure to do this before July 15th, when Google will remove Reader from its Takeout offerings.

One of the many Google Reader replacement services that has popped up since Google announced Reader's execution date is Feedbin.

Feedbin is a subscription service, costing $3 a month or $30 a year, with an API for developers … Read more

Review: Get Gmail alerts in your dock with Gmail Notifier for Mac

Those who use Gmail as their primary e-mail application might like to see notifications of incoming e-mails in their system tray without needing to check online. Gmail Notifier for Mac allows users to see and preview new mail messages, as well as their Google Calendars, in a simple application.

After quickly downloading Gmail Notifier for Mac via a high-speed connection, the program installed into the applications folder easily, although acceptance of a user agreement was required. At startup, the program prompts the user to enter a Gmail address and password, which immediately begins synching Google's e-mail and calendar applications. … Read more

Get all of your email notifications in one place using POP Peeper

Managing multiple email accounts can be a chore, especially if the accounts are from different providers. POP Peeper offers a solution to set up and manage your many accounts from one place. Automatic Mail check is also enabled by default.

POP Peeper's uncluttered interface places the essential email options to create or respond to messages on a fully customizable Tool Bar. You will have to do some manual work to get your accounts setup but there is plenty of user guidance to help you get started and it handles nearly all of the most popular email services, including Yahoo, … Read more

Jay-Z, are you reading me?

Sadness and hope often hold hands, but the latter can never decide whether she can make the former happy.

This story is either sad or strangely hopeful. Either way, it's also missing a couple of facts.

For this is the story of David Johnson, who believes that Jay-Z reads his emails.

In a moving telling to BuzzFeed, Johnson says he has sent at least 262 e-mails to Jay-Z and that he believes Jay-Z is reading them.

At least, he thinks he's sending them to Jay-Z.

Johnson, who once campaigned mightily to get a chance in the NBA -- … Read more