Uber to add push notifications when surge pricing subsides

Uber's surge pricing has proven to be a sure-fire way to get users up in arms. But, it appears the ride-sharing company is working to placate that anger.

The company's CEO Travis Kalanick announced Monday that Uber is planning to send app push notifications to users when surge pricing subsides -- that way, users will know when fares have returned to normal rates, according to GeekWire.

"One of our goals for 2014 is bringing humanity to our communications," Kalanick said at the Launch Festival on Monday, according to GeekWire.

Surge pricing is when Uber charges extra … Read more

Google Now notifications now in Chrome beta

The notification cards that Google Now uses to keep you updated on your Android and iOS phones and tablets are a big step closer to your desktop, as Google makes them available to Chrome Beta users on Monday.

The notifications appear when you click on the bell icon in the Windows system tray or the Mac menu bar, or the numbered icon in Chrome OS. Currently limited to English, Google said that it plans to expand to multilingual support in the future. Google has spent more than a year porting Now notifications to Chrome.

The feature brings a level of … Read more

Google Now notifications now alive in Chrome test version

Google, taking a big step in its effort to make Android and Chrome equally good homes for people's digital lives, has at last built its Google Now anticipatory notification service into its browser.

Google Now cards for Chrome are active in the very rough Canary build of Chrome, which is three steps removed from the stable version the company recommends for mainstream use. Not only that, the feature must be enabled by activating the Google Now flag by entering "chrome://flags/#enable-google-now" into the address bar then restarting.

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Change the Notification Center banner dwell time in OS X

Apple's Notification Center in OS X is a relatively new service that offers notifications along the right-hand side of your desktop. This service is used by both third-party applications and Apple programs and services, and offers two configurable notification types: Banners and Alerts.

These two types differ in that alerts will stay present until you interact with one of their buttons, and banners will appear for a short while and then disappear from view. While useful for a quick notice while you are at your system, the default banner dwell time of a few seconds might be either too … Read more

Set snooze times for notifications in OS X Mavericks

One of the more recent additions to OS X is Apple's Notification Center, which debuted in OS X Mountain Lion. This service offers a central place for notices such as new messages, update alerts, calendar alarms, or other messages a program may provide.

Notifications appear as either banners or alerts, which can be customized for some applications using the Notifications pane in System Preferences. While banners have no interaction controls and will only show for a brief time before disappearing, alerts will persist until you click the Close or "Snooze" button, the later of which will default … Read more

Twitter amps up its mobile emergency alert system

You never know when a crisis will hit, which is why Twitter launched its "Alerts" system in September designed to help users get crucial information during an emergency. On Thursday, the social network added a few new features to this system to make it even easier for users to get notified on their mobile devices.

"Now, on your iOS or Android app, you can go to a participating organization's profile and easily subscribe to their Alerts as push notifications by tapping on the bell icon," Twitter product manager Gabriela Pena wrote in a blog post. &… Read more

Set up Do Not Disturb on your Pebble smartwatch

Pebble recently announced an update to the software running on the Pebble smartwatch. The update, PebbleOS version 1.14.1, brings normal bug fixes and optimizations to the watch, but it also brings some new features. Most notable of the new features is the ability to set a do-not-disturb schedule, silencing the watch during that time.

This is a feature that iOS users will be familiar with, as it's built into iOS itself, but Do Not Disturb being activated on iOS did not prevent the alerts from showing up on the watch. I personally started turning my watch off … Read more

My ideal Pebble smartwatch setup on iOS 7

When I first put on a Pebble smartwatch shortly after it was made available at Best Buy, I was excited. The thought of being able to leave my phone in my coat pocket, or in another room, and receiving alerts on my wrist was very appealing. Quickly I realized the watch only lived up to half of the hype I had built up in my mind. As someone who switches back and forth between iOS and Android on a nearly weekly, sometimes daily, basis, it didn't take a long time for me to see there were plenty of shortcomings … Read more

Get started with Pebble notifications on iOS 7

One of the shortcomings of using a Pebble smartwatch with an iOS device previously, was the lack of full notification support. The only service that the watch truly supported was Messages. Other services required additional setup each and every single time the watch and iOS device were disconnected. It was anything but a great user experience.

With iOS 7 releasing new tools to developers, and with better support for Bluetooth devices and background apps, hopes were high that the Pebble team would be able to make the watch what many users so desperately wanted it to be.

Then, early in … Read more

Pebble reboot: Smartwatch gets iOS 7 upgrade and new SDK with apps, but no new hardware

Can software make the Pebble smartwatch better?

The patriarch of this generation of smartwatches isn't getting a face-lift before the end of this year. The black-and-white nontouch display and bare-bones geek charm of the original Pebble will remain. Instead, Pebble will get a bevy of software and app updates, along with a brand-new SDK that promises the types of apps we'd hoped would be on the Pebble when it was first announced.

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