Freeware Friday: Stop tracking in its tracks

Searching on a popular search engine nowadays does not guarantee an anonymous state. When you click on a search result, your computer automatically sends information such as search terms, IP addresses, and the date and time that you landed on a site. But when this information is paired with additional account information, your odds of being uniquely identifiable increase tremendously.

For this week's Freeware Friday, check out some of our favorite tools to boost the privacy of your online experience and reduce leakage of sensitive information.

Disconnect (Firefox, Chrome) Disconnect is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari … Read more

'Clickjacking' attack hides behind the mouse

On Tuesday, Adobe issued a workaround for a serious issue that could allow attackers to change the security settings within Flash.

Termed "clickjacking," the process gives "an attacker the ability to trick a user into clicking on something only barely or momentarily noticeable," wrote WhiteHat Security CTO Jeremiah Grossman in a blog posting last month. He went on to say that while "guarding against Clickjacking was largely the browser vendors' responsibility," both he and Robert Hansen agreed to withhold further information and even canceled their talk recently at OWASP NYC AppSec 2008 Conference at … Read more