The 404 1,113: Where there's a ghost in the wires (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Restaurant offers a 5 percent discount to eat without your phone.

- China is building an army of noodle-making robots.

- Melky Cabrera (SF Giants) created a fake Web site to explain failing drug tests.

- Infrared palm scanners at elementary school are the Mark of the Beast.

- Teenager uses fake ID with picture of Bobby Hill to buy alcohol at six different shops.… Read more

Noodle Waterslide: Because food should have fun too

What's that about not playing with your food? But seeing as the Noodle Waterslide's from Japanese toymaker Bandai, it does wear the label of "toy." Still, this not only brings back memories of another noodle device, the USB-powered noodle strainer, it's actually a replica of the flowing somen specialty called nagashi somen, which I so wanted to try out while visiting Japan. Too bad this summer delight is found mainly in the Hyogo prefecture.

Here, thin somen is put in water flowing along a long bamboo gutter where you catch the noodles with your chopsticks, … Read more

The 404 173: Where we wish Natali Del Conte a happy 21st birthday

Happy 21st birthday, Natali. We hope you're having a great time out there on the best, err...West Coast! Even though Jeff is mad at me for not getting Morgan Spurlock on the show, we squash the beef and get going on a great show. Today we talk about magic noodles, the Facebook movie, and Steve Jobs' impending death. We also debut the best set of voicemails ever played on The 404. No hype!

I can't stop reiterating this sentence in my head: Morgan Spurlock served me ice cream cake on a boat in New York city last … Read more

For lazy pasta lovers

File this under "for the ridiculously lazy"--a rapidly growing category of late.

USB-powered devices are slowly rising to the iPod case's level of ubiquity. Who isn't selling one of these? It may be because no one is feeling the urge to do anything more than an arm's length from a keyboard any more.

Case in point: Gearlog has a USB Noodle Strainer that, quite honestly, resembles a foot bath. It's for making cold soumen noodles when you're presumably too engrossed in battling virtual armies of the undead, or are allergic to kitchens, … Read more