Nintendo says sayonara to the original Wii

Nintendo on Monday pulled the plug on the original Wii, a modest end to the best-selling console of the current generation. The company hinted at the move earlier this month, and it has officially followed through with a simple posting of the words "seisan shuuryou," or "production ended," on its Japanese Web site.

The Wii, the first video game console to make motion control mainstream, was considered an underdog when it first hit store shelves in 2006. It didn't sport high-definition graphics -- an exclusion that made it the butt of many Sony and Microsoft fanboy jokes -- and skepticism was the order of the day for its apparent indifference to the hard-core gaming community and for its eagerness to rope in fitness junkies and families. But it went on to both outsell the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with more than 100 million units sold worldwide. … Read more

The 404 962: Where we play the waiting game (podcast)

AT&T earns the "worst carrier in the world" award for the second year in a row, so it's a good thing I just signed up for two more years of service with this new iPhone 4S.

According to Consumer Reports, prepaid phone subscribers are actually the most satisfied with their service, but that's probably because their burner phones don't have the Internet access necessary to lodge a complaint.

On today's show, we'll look at how the other carriers compare to AT&T, dispel rumors of Shigeru Miyamoto's departure from Nintendo, put in our our bid for, Jeff demonstrates My Xbox Live for the iPad, and we'll show some incredible listener-submitted contest submission videos!… Read more

Wii Remote Plus official, MotionPlus onboard

While most of last night's Nintendo Conference 2010 news was aimed at the 3DS and its release date, and Game Boy Virtual Console, we also learned about a new controller for the Wii.

Just after we finished reviewing the Nyko Wand+--the first Wii remote to pack in MotionPlus hardware onboard--Nintendo has announced plans to release its own all-in-one MotionPlus controller. We had speculated about such a device last week when a leaked photo of box art surfaced, but now Nintendo has officially confirmed the details. We imagine that the Wii Remote Plus will eventually replace the current Wii … Read more

WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings us every hair stylist's fantasy on WiiWare along with a boxing classic from the Super Nintendo era. WiiWare Bonsai Barber (Nintendo, 1,000 Wii points): The first barber game we can recall, Bonsai Barber has you designing hair cuts for a variety of different customers. Use countless salon tools at your disposal to keep the clients happy. Virtual Console Super Punch-Out!! (1994, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii points): The sequel to the NES classic, Super Punch-Out!! has you reentering the ring to battle familiar foes such as Bear Hugger, Bald Bull, and Super Macho Man.

What games … Read more

Nintendo to ramp up Wii production

Nintendo said Friday that it would address shortages of its hit Wii video game console by ramping up production.

According to the Associated Press, the video game giant's president, Satoru Iwata acknowledged that "we have not been able to properly foresee demand."

The company said it would boost sales of the Wii--which has dominated the next-generation console battle against Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 since it was released in November--so that deliveries would increase by next month.

The news came a day after Nintendo released fiscal 2007 results showing that revenue had … Read more