How to make a wearable gadget the Fitbit way

How do you make a successful gadget? In our online, mobile, cloud-connected world, it's not enough to build a better mousetrap.

At the first Wearable Technology Show in London, Fitbit has laid out its principles, providing a handy guide to developing a smart gadget.

Fitbit has had a painful start to the year, having to recall up to a million Force fitness-tracking wristbands due to reports that they've irritated the skin of at least 10,000 wearers. It seems the company still has plenty to learn when it comes to design and testing, but as one of the … Read more

The 404 1,438: Where we get a scorching case of HTML (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- This "Back to the Future" hoverboard will blow your mind.

- 11 percent of Americans think HTML is an STD.

- Explore Jerry Seinfeld's apartment using Oculus Rift.

- Check out the first episode of Comedy Central's "Review" with Andy Daly on Thursday, March 6, at 10/9 CT.

- Follow Andy Daly on Twitter.… Read more

Nike designer: 'Back to the Future' power laces due in 2015

"Back to the Future" fans and sneaker fans pretty much freaked out in 2011 when Nike issued a limited number of Air Mag shoes designed after those from "Back to the Future, Part II." In the movie, Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly time travels all the way to 2015, rides a Hoverboard, and throws on some kicks with "power laces" that tighten automatically.

The power laces were conspicuously absent from the 2011 Air Mags, but we might not have to wait much longer for them to become a reality. Tinker Hatfield, a Nike designer famous for his Air Jordan contributions, was asked about power laces at a recent event in New Orleans. His answer, according to Sole Collector, was that we should see them next year.… Read more

Disney, channeling Silicon Valley, launches startup accelerator

Disney on Wednesday launched its first-ever startup accelerator, a three-month program pairing 10 teams of entrepreneurs with mentors like CEO Bob Iger and giving them access to the media giant's IP.

The accelerator, which is accepting applications now through April 16, will be hosted in Los Angeles, Calif. It will be managed by Techstars, which has run similar programs for companies like Sprint, Barclays, and Nike. A team of judges from Techstars, Disney, and the venture capital community will pick the 10 startups, all of which will be given $120,000 each to try to get their companies off … Read more

Apple reportedly making push in mobile health

All signs point to Apple aiming to make a splash in mobile medical health.

The tech giant's so-called iWatch is said to be deep in development, with a heavy focus on mobile health and fitness tracking. And it's also been said that the long-rumored product could be announced by the end of this year.

Adding to the rumor mill's churn: Prominent Apple executives, including Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams and Vice President of Software Technology Budd Tribble, met with the Food and Drug Administration last month, according to the association's public calendar. The news … Read more

Concept combines Pebble and Fitbit into an iWatch fantasy

The world is going wild for wearables (at least that's what we were told ad nauseam at CES this year). But as companies like Google, Samsung, Nike, and Pebble hone their pitches for ways we can strap their latest offerings to ourselves, Apple has remained deafeningly silent on the question of an iWatch or some other iWearable.

Such a vacuum is likely to get filled, not only with constant speculation, leaks, and rumors, but with the occasional concept rendering from a design pro like OpenKit's Todd Hamilton.… Read more

Watch your step -- with a Bluetooth-connected insole

Wearable technology is only now becoming feasible, but already we're moving to step-on-able technology.

A South Korea-based company called 3L Labs is showing a Bluetooth-connected insole called the FootLogger at CES 2014. The insole packs eight pressure sensors and a three-axis accelerometer into your shoe so people can monitor activity levels, walking health issues, energy expenditures, therapy progress, and the onset of dementia or falling problems with solitary older people.

The device can gauge not just how many steps you've taken, but if you're walking duck-footed or pigeon-toed, how long your stride is, and how much pressure different parts of your foot experience. The company thinks that data can improve a person's fitness, health, and looks. … Read more

Twitter set to fly on NYSE

CNET Update fills up on Fuel:

In this episode of Update:

- Get briefed on some Twitter facts before the social network becomes a publicly traded company on Thursday.

- Use the PS Vita to play games on the upcoming PlayStation 4 with the Vita's software update.

- Get push notifications from Google and do hands-free voice searches with the updated Google Search iOS app.

- Give Apple's new M7 processor a workout with the Nike+ Move app for iPhone 5S.


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Nike+ Move app ready to put iPhone's M7 chip through the paces

Apple's M7 co-processor, which is designed with fitness apps in mind, can now be put to work via Nike+ Move.

The Nike+ Move application is the first to take advantage of the M7 chip in Apple's iPhone 5S. The co-processor records movement, while the Nike application analyzes the data, converts the data into readable form, and measures it in terms of NikeFuel. Throughout the day, people can use their phone to see how close they are to reaching their fitness goals.

Nike showed off the application in September at Apple's iPhone event. Apple indicated at that time … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

Happy Friday! Here you'll find a recap of some of the best moments of the week in video format.

Apple finally sent out invites to their October 22nd event in San Francisco and speculation on what will be announced is mounting. Brian Tong breaks down everything you need to know beforehand, including what we expect to see and more in this week's Apple Byte.

For those of you who crave a challenging home project, CNET's How-To expert, Dan Graziano walks you through the entire process of building your own custom computer. But that's not all DIYers! … Read more