The 404 1,424: Where we say 'Good Night' to you (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out The Sleep Doctor's new app, Good Night.

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Tranquility adds a night mode to your Mac

When working in a dark room, turning the brightness down on a display, even to the lowest setting, can still be irritating to your eyes. Even if your eyes can handle it, the light from your screen can be annoying to those around you.

A free app called Tranquility, originally covered by TUAW but brought to my attention by Lifehacker adds a night mode to your Mac.

By installing the app from Pixio, you're able to switch to night viewing by clicking on the icon in your Mac's menu bar.

Users are able to customize the overall look … Read more

'SNL's Obama forced into selfie to make up for Merkel spying

Technology and the president of the United States have something of a 404-prone relationship.

Just as he's trying to get over the stunning debacle of a health care Web site that has more technical flaws than an ice-dancing walrus, along comes the so-called Selfiegate.

This was the moment during the Nelson Mandela memorial service when Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt inveigled both President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron into a selfie.

Some thought this lacked decorum, even though the memorial service was upbeat.

Others suggested the first lady was angry at this juvenile display. So President Obama … Read more

How to adjust Tweetbot's new night theme for iOS

Night mode, ah yes, that dark colored theme apps have adapted over the years that make it easier to read text in a dark environment. Instead of offering a white background, which is brighter in a dark setting, a dark background is easy on the eyes.

Tapbots launched Tweetbot 3 shortly after iOS 7 launched, and one of the missing "features" was a night theme. After some patience and hard work, an update was released on Wednesday bringing a pretty slick night theme to the app.

You'll need to grab the latest version from the App Store, … Read more

Hunt ghosts with Snooperscope smartphone night vision lens

Maybe you want to check out whatever it was that just went bump in the night. Or maybe you just want to see things in the dark. Here's a handy scope that goes nearly anywhere.

Snooperscope is a wireless night vision device that uses your smartphone or other mobile device as a display.

Part of a Kickstarter campaign, it can attach to your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet, as well as anything from a tripod to a helmet, bike, or wall. … Read more

Review: Night Video Cam 2 allows you to take nocturnal videos

Night Video Cam 2 is a useful video tool for low-light or outdoor situations when recording video on your iPhone or iPad. It's not as powerful as similar tools on a dedicated video camera, but considering what the developers are working with in a non-dedicated camera, they've created a very streamlined, very easy-to-use, night-friendly recording tool.

When you launch Night Video Cam 2, there are a few options on the screen to choose from. You can see how much battery you have left, the total space you can record on your phone, the current recording time, and the … Read more

SNL skewers Obamacare Web site, suggests low-res version

You might have been taken ill recently trying to get the government's health care Web site to work. appears to have been created by a drunken cabal of Borat, his favorite three Kazakhs, and your uncle Bob who knows everything there is to know about cars.

It was inevitable that those with a healthy sense of self-worth at "Saturday Night Live" might offer their own view of the situation.

As it turned out, they decided to offer technical help.

Kate McKinnon, portraying Secretary of Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, offered some useful tips on how to … Read more

'SNL' laughs at the 'Gravity' of the shutdown

Oh, look, this shutdown's not a big deal, is it?

We can do without a few national parks for a while. It'll let the grass grow and the animals run wild without interruptions from humans.

And then there's NASA. Honestly, is it really necessary? Space? We've been there. We've done that.

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" isn't quite so convinced. So it wondered what would have happened had the troubling events of "Gravity" occurred during, say, the government shutdown.… Read more

Review: Sleep Talk Recorder is an audio recorder bogged down by issues

Sleep Talk Recorder is designed to record you as you sleep so you can listen back and hear what you were saying. The idea is enticing, but the execution here is messy in a number of ways and can lead to issues, either during recording or before and afterwards. From an overabundance of ads to a convoluted menu screen and interface, there are better options if you really want to record yourself while sleeping.

The core functionality of Sleep Talk Recorder is actually very straightforward. Tap the record button and it will start recording. During our tests it did not … Read more

The 404 1264: Where we try and stay Glassy (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Public's first reaction to Google Glass summed up by SNL.

- Can you really make money online by playing competitive games?

- Busting online piracy group has led to increase -- in piracy.… Read more