Get discounts on magazines with the Play Newsstand sale

Not sure if reading a magazine on your phone or tablet works for you? Well, in honor of Google's Play Newsstand launch on Android, the search giant is offering more than 60 free or discounted magazines for you to try out.

Play Newsstand is actually a combination of Google Currents and Play Magazines. Having two separate app identities didn't make much sense, so it's nice to see Google wrap them together so quickly in comparison to its other services. That's right, I'm looking at you, Google Voice and Google Talk/Messenger/Hangouts.

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With iOS 7 you can finally hide Newsstand

Over the years there have been interesting tweaks and workarounds to hide the Newsstand folder on iOS devices. Often times, though, a simple restart would reverse any black magic and Newsstand would reappear, taunting the device's owner.

All of that has changed in iOS 7. Instead of forcing users to get creative or just deal with Newsstand as is, Apple now lets you place the icon in a folder, just as you would any other app; no special tricks required.

Simply drag the Newsstand icon to a folder, or another app icon to create a folder, and forget it'… Read more

HiddenApps hides stock Apple apps on your iOS device

From day one of iOS, users have looked for different ways to hide or get rid of the default Apple apps they will never use. Jailbreak users have been able to accomplish this task through tweaks for years, but users who don't jailbreak have been left with a lone folder tucked away somewhere full of apps that'll never be touched.

For some reason, Apple has approved HiddenApps, and it's currently available in the App Store, as first reported by 9to5Mac. It's unknown how long it will be available, so download it while you can.

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Hearst gives iPad owners early dibs on magazines

Publisher Hearst has a new initiative that gives iPad owners early access to digital versions of its magazines.

Apple today quietly launched a new section in its App Store called "Read them here first," with a listing of Hearst-owned magazines that can be had digitally before they arrive on newsstands or on competing digital platforms.

Hearst has 20 of its titles involved in the program, including Esquire, Car and Driver, and Popular Mechanics. A company spokeswoman said the lead time varies by publication.

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Rolling Stone lands on iPad with iTunes integration in tow

Longtime Apple Newsstand holdout Rolling Stone magazine has caved, and is now available on Apple's subscription service.

Rolling Stone's new app works like any other publication in Newsstand, with a way to buy a single issue or subscribe using an iTunes account. Rolling Stone is pricing issues at $4.99 apiece, and there are two subscription options: one month for $1.99 (Rolling Stone comes out twice a month), or one year for $19.99 -- both with the first month for free.

The addition is noteworthy given comments made by publisher Jann Wenner of Wenner Media, who … Read more

Apple Newsstand ropes in longtime holdout WSJ

Longtime holdout of Apple's Newsstand service, The Wall Street Journal changed course today, and is now offering a complete version of its paper through the paid subscription service.

The Journal has had a reader app on the App Store since early 2010, but did not allow users to subscribe using their Apple ID and linked credit card account, something that gives Apple a cut of the profit. That business model, along with a system that requires users to opt-in to sharing some of their demographic information, has been irksome for some publishers.

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How to manage your iTunes subscriptions

When you subscribe to a magazine or a service such as Netflix or Hulu Plus using your iTunes account, the subscription will keep auto-renewing until you turn it off. Turning off auto-renew, essentially canceling your subscription, only takes a few taps or clicks; you just have to know where to look.

There are two ways to manage your subscriptions in iTunes. You can use your iOS device, or you can use iTunes on your PC or Mac.

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How to hide the Newsstand icon in a folder on iOS

Remember when you could hide the Newsstand icon in a folder on your iOS device as long as you were fast enough? Good times. When Apple fixed the bug that allowed us to hide the folder, it was only a matter of time before a non-jailbreak method made its way to the Internet.

As iDownloadBlog pointed out this morning, the solution is StifleStand, a Mac app (a Windows version is in the works) that creates a magical folder on your iOS device with Newsstand conveniently placed inside it. The best part is you don't have to worry about jailbreaking … Read more

Time turns page on iPad subscriptions

Skype's got ads, Vizio's got PCs, and we got issues (a whole Newsstand full of 'em):

Time Inc. has had a change of heart with Apple and will now begin selling magazine subscriptions through iPad's Newsstand app. Previous apps for Time Inc. magazines, like Sports Illustrated, only allowed for one issue to be purchased at a time. It also gave print subscribers free access.

Last year, Time Inc. opposed how Apple handled subscriptions, such as taking a 30 percent cut of sales and not releasing data on subscribers. But since then, Apple has lets readers opt-in to … Read more

Apple secures 25 patents, including iMac, iPad Smart Cover

Apple made out well on a number of its pending patents today. The iPhone-maker was granted 25 new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to Patently Apple.

Time Machine, iTunes Store, iMac, iPad Smart Covers, and Apple Store displays are just a few of the products that this round of patents cover. Many of the other patents are for items like connectors, security, and networking, according to Patently Apple.

Some of the patents are exclusively for different applications of Apple products, for example, the iTunes store patent, which is called "Content Rental System" and … Read more