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Subscribe to Pogoplug Family for $19.95, get a free Pogoplug

For the past year or so, Pogoplug has been steadily reinventing itself. After earning raves for its eponymous network-storage adapters, the company moved into consumer cloud storage, then introduced team-storage solution aimed at small and medium businesses.

Along the way, Pogoplug devices have been introduced and discontinued, and the aforementioned consumer storage service, Pogoplug Cloud, seems to have disappeared. As someone who's been following the company closely, I'll admit to being occasionally confused by Pogoplug's strategy and lineup.

But there's no confusion here: through Sunday, and while supplies last, you can get a free Pogoplug Classic device when you sign up for the new Pogoplug Family backup service.… Read more

Introducing Nasne, Sony's sleek DVR of (Japan's) future

The new Sony Nasne tuner and media device, due in Japan on July 19 for 16,980 yen ($209), sort of looks like a miniature PlayStation 3. However, don't let the aesthetics fool you: Nasne contains many features the game console lacks, such as a built-in 500GB hard drive for recording content from digital terrestrial or satellite TV broadcasts. … Read more

WD debuts fast, simple home NAS

For years, storage manufacturers have been trying to get consumers to consolidate their digital media onto network attached storage (NAS) devices. I'm no mind scientist, but I'm guessing adoption by your average consumer is slow because "network attached storage devices" just sound complicated.

Also, collecting all your scattered content across CD, DVDs, external hard drives, and multiple computers is a total pain in the hassle, and anyone who's used a consumer NAS knows that transfer speeds can be dreadfully slow. Western Digital's solution to all this is the My Book Live (not sure how … Read more

Network any USB device with Addonics NAU

Moving from direct attached storage devices, such as an USB external hard drive, to network attached storage devices can be a daunting task as most NAS servers require new hard drives to work with them. This is why transitional devices such as the Iomega iConnect are such a great idea.

Addonics Technologies announced Tuesday a device that can do the same thing as the iConnect, but it's just about the size of your thumb and costs less than half the price of the Iomega.

Addonics NAU adapter, an acronym for network attached USB, can turn any USB storage device … Read more

Intel expands Atom to home servers

Intel's Atom chip is moving up in the world, from Netbooks to home and small-office servers.

The chipmaker on Thursday launched its first Atom processor optimized for the SOHO (small office/home office) market. Intel's new platform marries the Atom D410 single-core or D510 dual-core chip, along with its 82801IR I/O Controller, to power small servers and storage devices made by LaCie, LG Electronics, and other manufacturers.

The new Atom chips use 50 percent less power and offer better performance than older Atoms, according to Intel, helping them drive more demanding SOHO servers and NAS (network-attached storage) … Read more

Seagate's DockStar adds Pogoplug-based Ethernet access to FreeAgent Go hard drives, USB drives

Do you want to turn a USB hard drive into a cheap, easy network-attached storage device? Seagate's DockStar is designed to let you do just that. Like the preceding Dock+ model, the DockStar can host a FreeAgent Go drive in its cradle, plus up to three other USB drives. However, instead of linking to your PC via USB, the DockStar uses its Ethernet port to live on your home network.

Network access is enabled via technology Seagate has licensed from Pogoplug--in other words, it's just a Seagate-skinned version of Pogoplug's interface. That's a good thing, since … Read more

HP, IBRIX, LSI, ONStor and scale-out NAS

During the last two weeks we saw two acquisitions of relatively small purveyors of scalable file systems by big storage players. First, HP finally pulled in its partner IBRIX. Only days later, LSI made a surprise acquisition of ONStor. If both IBRIX and ONStor offer platforms upon which one can build scalable network attached storage (NAS), do these back-to-back deals indicate some sort of emerging trend? Yes and no. Yes it is in that, if you're a major NAS vendor and want to compete with NetApp who is readying GX8, scalability is now a must-have. But IBRIX extends capabilities … Read more has the Netgear RND4450 ReadyNAS NV+ 2TB Gigabit Network Attached Storage for $944.99, after $155 Instant savings.

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Podcast: Turn any external drive into a NAS drive

LAS VEGAS--Network-attached storage for the home has been around for a while. It typically consists of an external disk drive surrounded by technology to connect it to a router so it can be accessed anywhere on your network or, via the Internet, from anywhere in the world. At the Consumer Electronics Show here, Daniel Putterman of Cloud Engines showed off a new device that allows you to inexpensively turn any external drive into a network-attached drive.

The $79 Pogoplug is a small plastic box with an Ethernet plug for your router and a USB plug for an external drive. With … Read more