Facebook bites back

Facebook pokes Princeton back:

In this episode of Update:

- Facebook does some of its own research in response to Princeton's paper.

- Rare NES game fetches thousands on eBay.

- Is a new Apple TV incoming?

- The Macintosh celebrates 30 years.

- Bitcoin is now being accepted at TigerDirect.

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Crafty engineer 3D-prints a portable NES

We loved the NES modded with a built-in screen, but it looks like former computer science Ph.D. and current software engineer Dave Nunez has done it one better. He's created a portable NES, which he calls the NESPo, almost entirely from the ground up.

Rather than cannibalize an existing NES ("Call it honor among the elderly," Nunez said), he started with an NES hardware clone known as a NES on a chip (NOAC) called the NES Retro Entertainment System (RES). This would form the guts of the machine.

For NESPo's screen, he used a 4.3-inch color TFT camera screen that plugged into the RES, and to power it, he picked up a 1500mAh NiMH rechargeable battery that gives the device around two hours of gameplay. For a speaker, he used a LM386-based amp module. Once that was all put together and tested, the next step was creating the case. … Read more

Giant NES controller table gets the steampunk treatment

There's something about the NES controller that lends itself to supersizing in coffee table form. We've seen more than a few -- the original (as far as we can tell); Baron von Brunk's working Lego version; and a working wooden version for a touch of class.

It's that last one that concerns us today, since its creator -- Charles Lushear, aka Bohemian Workbench -- has just come out with a brand new "steampunk" version, made from salvaged antique parts and wood. … Read more

Goodwill sells incredibly valuable NES cartridge for dirt cheap

One man's junk is another man's treasure, but as you're about to learn, what Goodwill perceived as junk was actually a very valuable piece of video game history.

Kotaku tells the tale of a North Carolina woman who, upon visiting Goodwill, happened to come across a nearly sealed copy of the 1987 NES video game Stadium Events. She bought the game for $7.99 and walked out of the thrift store with something worth thousands more.… Read more

Knife-wielding robot HERB separates Oreo cookies

Oreo wants you to devote some mental space to cookies again, and has taken to social media with an effective campaign for your neurons.

Its Cookie vs Creme ads have featured a Rube Goldberg-style contraptions to separate the two Oreo elements.

The ads are set to vintage NES music by Anamanaguchi, a heady digital stew that sounds like a sonic Oreo made of YMO and Polysics. But I digress.

The coolest video in the series stars Carnegie Mellon University's HERB robot butler. Under development for seven years, HERB has multi-joined arms and a camera on its head. … Read more

RetroN 4 plays vintage games through HDMI

Still own vintage NES, SNES, Genesis, or Game Boy Advance game cartridges but lack the working consoles to play them all? The new Hyperkin RetroN 4 console may be what you've been waiting for. It features a cartridge slot and two controller sockets for each retro video gaming system.

The RetroN 4 has modern touches such as an HDMI output and Bluetooth connectivity. You'll be able to connect this console to any flat-panel TV with the HDMI port. Meanwhile, Bluetooth supports a bundled wireless controller sporting a directional pad and an array of buttons. … Read more

How to make a video game console patch bay

Over the years you may have accumulated a lot of old video game consoles and, naturally, getting rid of them is not an option. After all, you've spent so much time with your beloved console. Like an old friend, full of memories and adventures, it's hard to let go.

Or maybe you're a collector who likes to play older games every now and then for the nostalgia. I'm in both camps. And unfortunately my television is not equipped with enough inputs to have all my game systems connected at once and ready to play at a moment's notice.

There is a solution to this problem! … Read more

The 404 1,194: Where we have NEStalgia (podcast)

The flu has finally struck down our very own Justin Yu, but luckily the much more attractive Bridget Carey is available to fill his tiny men's size 6 shoes. Bridget and Jeff get uber-nerdy today, discussing all things Nintendo nostalgia including what games they used to rent repeatedly and the current state of gaming as it exists in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Finally, we'll noodle over the fact that older brains can't remember a lot of new stuff because they're too "full." All this and more on today's show!… Read more

Nintendo zapper hacked to shoot insanely strong laser

The tinkerers at North Street Labs retrofitted an NES zapper with a ridiculously powerful laser capable of catching vulnerable objects like matches on fire.

The laser is strong enough to max out a 2W laser meter. That's some serious strength. As North Street Labs points out, goggles are an absolute must at all times when handling the zapper. There is a physical turn key safety switch to keep it from accidentally going off.… Read more

Coffee table doubles as functional NES controller

The world needs more luxurious gaming furniture and less of those gaudy leather gamer chairs with built-in speakers.

Gaming decor goes to the next level with this coffee table that actually works as a fully functional Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller. Talented woodworker Charles Lushear sells the massive controller table on Etsy for $3,500 (plus shipping). The exotic item's 42 inches long, 18.25 inches wide, and 18 inches high, and you might want to seek permission from your significant other before purchasing it. … Read more