My Lockbox review

My Lockbox is designed to protect the contents of individual folders on your computer, allowing you to set password protection, limit access and edit permission, and more, alongside a number of other features that enhance what the default Windows settings provide for folder editing. While there are some issues with the interface and management end, the software works generally as promised.


Easy setup and folder control: It takes minimal time to set up a new account and start protecting your first folders. While the software only allows free account holders to protect one folder at a time, there are … Read more

My IP Hide for Mac review

My IP Hide for Mac protects your online privacy and uses encrypted proxies that bypass firewalls and content filtering, enabling you to access restricted sites in any browser. This application is the client-end software of Didsoft's encrypted proxy service.


Straightforward setup: Apart from installing My IP Hide for Mac, all you have to do to get a new IP address is create a trial account, activate it, and connect to the Didsoft network.

Quick proxy switching and intuitive interface: The application silently sits on your Mac's Menu Bar and can be enabled or disabled as you please. … Read more

SSuite Office - My Money review

SSuite Office -- My Money allows you to track income, expenses, and accounts and, after you input all necessary data, can generate financial reports in custom forms. This application is portable, which means that it does not alter the PC's Registry and can therefore be run on any computer, even from a USB stick. Overall, it works well, but feels outdated.


Effortless functionality: Generating a picture of your finances with SSuite Office -- My Money takes no time and doesn't require too many clicks. Reports are easy to read and informative.

Portability: The fact that this program … Read more

My Wallpaper Gallery review

My Wallpaper Gallery provides access to a wide variety of options for wallpaper that you can use to dress up your desktop. Choose from multiple image options in many popular categories, or keep life interesting by having the program choose for you. Either way, you can be sure you'll always have something cool to look at as you work.

As soon as you download the app, you can begin switching up your wallpaper. The app's interface is perfectly straightforward, and all you have to do is decide which category you'd like your image to come from. The … Read more

MyOilPaintingFree lets you create oil paintings from your photos

MyOilPaintingFree gives you the tools to give your photos the look of oil paintings complete with frames, and then lets you share them with friends. Choose an existing photo, or take a new one through the app, and then experiment with various looks and brush sizes to turn your image into the perfect painting.

The first thing you have to do when you open this app is figure out what photo to use. Whether you import one from your camera roll or take a new one through the app, your photo will be immediately made to look like an oil … Read more

MyStuff2 Lite review

MyStuff2 Lite is an app designed to help you keep track of what you own in case of loss or damage. Use the sample categories provided, and then add some of your own to ensure that everything you have is accounted for.

The first time you open MyStuff2 Lite, you'll see a Help page that gives you a brief walkthrough of the app's features. You can skip this tutorial if you'd like, but it's a short and informative read. You can also access the program's main Help file at any time. Once you get past … Read more

My Data for Mac review

My Data for Mac gives you a handy table to help you keep track of all kinds of information that can be broken down into small chunks. It's an innovative way to stay organized and on top of your daily tasks, appointments, work projects, and more.

The interface for My Data is clear and straightforward, and the Help document explains all features clearly. In the main window, you'll see a chart with five columns. The first column is for your topic, and then the remaining four are for subtopics. You can enter a new topic and subtopics into … Read more

The 404 1,450: Where we play by ear (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- That story of the marooned woman on a Hawaiian island getting saved thanks to Google Earth is totally fake.

- Chordify makes it easy to cover any song by transcribing sheet music from YouTube and Soundcloud links.

- Funk band games the Spotify system to fund upcoming nationwide tour.

- Virtual screaming babies squirm their way into teenage cellphones in new pregnancy campaign.… Read more

CleanMyMac 2 for Mac review

CleanMyMac 2 identifies and removes files that your system no longer uses, and it asks if you want to delete large files that you haven't opened in a long time. This premium app's highly customized and animated interface is straightforward and pleasant to use. CleanMyMac 2 includes basics like a clean-up scheduler, a log-in item disabler, and an uninstall helper.

After a quick intro animation, CleanMyMac 2 presents a beautiful interface -- a sidebar with tabs and a details section. During a full scan, the app looks for log and cache files, universal binaries, language files, and other … Read more

My Movie review

My Movie is a video editing app that provides you with multiple tools for recording clips, combining them, and adding music and effects. When you have your video just the way you want it, you can publish it to Facebook or YouTube, straight from the app.

The interface of My Movie is highly intuitive, and there is also a very helpful tutorial available from the settings menu. You can take a new video through the app that's between five and 24-seconds long, or you can select a clip from an existing video by importing it from your camera roll. … Read more