The good, the bad and the oddities of MWC 2014 (video)

From the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Nokia X to the Big Brother-blocking Blackphone and a whole armful of wearable gadgets, we've got our hands on a vast array of cool phones, tablets and mobile gadgets this week at Mobile World Congress 2014.

We've trawled the halls of Barcelona's annual mobile gadgetpalooza for the coolest cutting-edge kit and up-to-the-minute news you need to know about, and as the show draws to a close, the CNET UK team takes a look back at the best, the worst and the weirdest stuff we've seen.

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All the best CNET TV bloopers from Mobile World Congress

A great CNET tradition at the end of the calendar year and big technology trade shows like Mobile World Congress is the CNET TV blooper reel. Flubbed lines, accidental swearing, and breaks in concentration are bound to happen. And really, after so many long hours walking a show floor, so few hours of sleep, and so much dodgy press room food, exhaustion and general mental fuzziness are bound to set in. But we're not complaining in the least, as it's all part of the fun. And the results are hilarious.

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The monetized future of BBM

BARCELONA, Spain -- If anything can keep the good ship BlackBerry sailing, it's BBM. John Sims is the man charged with taking this slice of the BlackBerry pie and make it do two things -- grow and make money. He's been in the role just two short months, but speaking with CNET on the last day of Mobile World Congress 2014, he has a lot of big plans on both accounts.

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Wearable tech multiplies and goes mainstream at MWC 2014

BARCELONA, Spain -- Smartphones are the traditional draw here at Mobile World Congress, but this year wearable tech products created lots of buzz as well. In fact, many industry heavyweights and electronics giants chose the conference to make significant wearable technology product announcements.… Read more

Tablets struggle to maintain their identity at Mobile World Congress 2014

BARCELONA, Spain -- The Mobile World Congress 2014 tablet lineup was filled with over-sized phones, undersized "tablets", and tablet that knew exactly what it was. There's a palpable feeling coming out of the show that tablet makers are having difficulty deciding what next to do with them.

Tablet phones Tablet phones aren't a thing in the US, but if the showing at MWC is anything to go by, countries outside the states don't appear to have a problem with them as this year they were more ubiquitous than ever before. The HP Slate 7 VoiceTab, … Read more

Best of Mobile World Congress: Samsung Galaxy S5, Mozilla $25 phone, smart glove and more

BARCELONA, Spain -- It's been a whirlwind week for our team of reporters at Mobile World Congress: we have taken hundreds of briefings, sat through hours of press conferences and bought you all the news, hands-ons, pictures and video that we could muster.

Today our crack team of 25 took some time out from the hustle and bustle of the show to think about the products, concepts and news stories that have impressed us most over the last week.

Here, in no particular order, are the team's highlights.

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Android widgets on the Nokia X feel out of place

BARCELONA, Spain -- I popped by the Nokia booth earlier today to try out the new Nokia X range of handsets and came away unimpressed.

The first thing I did was to try customising the user interface, and while Nokia has added a Windows Phone-like skin, the UI was decided sub-par in experience.

You can add widgets like Android, but these widgets feel out of place and don't really fit in the theme of the handset (as you can see from the picture I took).

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At MWC 2014, phone makers go after the next billion, biometrics

BARCELONA, Spain -- Mobile World Congress will always have its fair share of high-end, gee-whiz devices and crazy concepts, but apart from the high-end Samsung Galaxy S5, MWC 2014 belongs to the humble low-cost phone.

Emerging markets have been a huge theme in mobile lately, but this year handset-makers really dug in, using press conferences to vocalize their goals at nabbing the next billion users and presenting low-cost phones meant for first-time smartphone owners.

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The chips of Samsung's Galaxy S5 -- Exynos and Snapdragon

BARCELONA, Spain -- Qualcomm and Samsung are back in the newest Galaxy device, the Galaxy S5.

The Korean electronics giant on Monday unveiled its newest flagship phone with a slightly tweaked design and updated specs. The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch display HD screen and a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera with a bunch of bells and whistles that are supposed to improve the experience of taking and viewing images. The device also contains a fingerprint sensor and heart-rate monitor, as well as updated components.

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Sony finally puts full weight behind Xperia phones

BARCELONA, Spain -- You would think Sony's mobile executives would be even a little nervous.

After all, for more than the past year, they have been touting one unique feature for a premium smartphone: the ability to withstand dust particles and be dunked underwater.

So there must have been some cause for concern when Samsung said its flagship Galaxy S5 -- unveiled just hours after Sony's own flagship phone and tablet announcement -- would also be resistant to water and dust, right?

Not really.

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