Sherlock meets his Muppet match in Murray-arty

Move over, Jim Moriarty and Charles Augustus Magnussen. Sherlock Holmes has a nemesis -- and he's adorable! "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch recently visited "Sesame Street" to discover that there's a new villain in town -- a Muppet named Murray-arty!

This isn't the first time "Sesame Street" has paid tribute to the Great Detective. In the past, Sherlock Hemlock has tackled mysteries in episodes of "Mysterious Theater," which spoofed the PBS series "Mystery!" Not to mention, "Muppet Sherlock Holmes" -- a comic book featuring Gonzo as Holmes, with Fozzie Bear as Dr. Watson, Kermit the Frog as Inspector Lestrade, and Miss Piggy in various female leads including Irene Adler. … Read more

Muppets skewer Web commenters during Golden Globes

All those who leave comments on the Web should be thanked.

They are its lifeblood, its engine, its every-other-metaphor-that-makes-them-sound-wonderful.

On occasion, though, one or two might offer a touch of untoward loathing. Then there is the occasional gratuitous assault on the English language. Or, indeed, baby language. There's also the racist invective and, well, the ignrence (sic).

The people behind the new Muppets movie decided to, well, honor all these people during the Golden Globes.

For there appeared an ad that seemed to reflect a certain dark and dirty town square of the Internet.

Announcing the latest Muppets movie, … Read more

'Star Wars' auditions: Yoda-worthy advice from the pros

Think you have enough midi-chlorians to be in the new "Star Wars" film? Perhaps you're the droid director J.J. Abrams is looking for? Or maybe you just want to test out your best impression of Jack Lemmon imitating Chewbacca?

Open auditions for the new "Star Wars" film started Saturday in Bristol, England, but with long lines turning people away, Lucasfilm is now accepting video applications through Cast It Talent's Web site

The site reveals generic bios of characters that most likely will not be exactly the same in the movie (Abrams undertook a similar style of casting with his 2010 film "Super 8"). … Read more

Despite warning, fans' hopes for D23 'Star Wars' news dashed

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Give "Star Wars" fans this: They're nothing if not hopeful.

In the days leading up to Disney's massive D23 Expo fan-fest here this weekend, the entertainment giant tried to tamp down expectations that it would real new details about 2015's "Star Wars: Episode VII."

But short of CEO Bob Iger having a press conference to declare that the company wouldn't announce anything new about the highly-anticipated next film in the series, fans came to D23 holding out hope that Disney just might still drop a hint or two about … Read more

Touchdown dance! On finding lost gems from the Muppets' Henson

Times have been good for aficionados of Jim Henson.

Not only did we see a new Muppets feature film over the holidays, last week we also saw the posting of a "lost" Henson short: "Robot," made for an AT&T data-communications seminar in 1963. And now a kind of "sequel" to "Robot" has made its way online.… Read more

Unearthed robot film shows genius of Muppets' Henson

The recent Muppets movie no doubt brought Jim Henson back into the minds of many, and a just-unearthed commercial film he did for The Bell System nearly 50 years ago gives a hilarious glimpse of his earlier days--and of the youthful years of computing.

Discovered in AT&T's archives and posted this week to the company's ATTTechChannel section on YouTube, the 1963 short, "Robot," addresses the anxiety felt by humans in regard to machines and computers.… Read more

Ads show how Google+ is desperate for real people

Google wants you to feel it. The engineers, having created a new social network which they seemed to debut exclusively to, well, engineers, now want to seduce you--the ordinary, hungover, and unwashed.

Yes, Google wants you to be its new recruits down at the YMCA--the Young Men's Circles Association, the Yo' Momma's Circles Association.

The company now realizes that, in order to be truly happy, it needs real people to be on Google+. So it is tossing aside its once-proud disdain of advertising and throwing its considerable weight toward tickling the fancy of those who are amused by, … Read more

Meet Kermit the Frog, gadget geek

When you get a chance to interview Kermit the Frog, you don't pass it up.

Kermit has been the most famous frog in the world for decades. And with the success of his new film, "The Muppets," which has already earned $56 million domestically, he's been making the rounds, sharing his thoughts on everything from meeting presidents to why he never seems to age to what it's like to work alongside his girlfriend, Miss Piggy.

But this is CNET. We wanted Kermit to talk about iPhones. And Twitter. Technology, in other words. We couldn't get the frog who has sung so eloquently about rainbows to tell us how he feels about the most famous double rainbow in the world, or about how often Miss Piggy texts him, but he did dish about his preference for Apple's devices. … Read more

Google's Jim Henson doodle lets you be the puppeteer

If you're going to make a Google doodle to celebrate what would have been Muppet master Jim Henson's 75th birthday, September 24, there's no point doing it by halves.

Henson didn't.

So Google worked with both the Jim Henson Company and the Creature Shop to allow everyone in the world to become a puppeteer for a day.

This delightful doodle lets you operate six new, engaging Henson characters digitally.

You are given a hand with which to operate each character. Click on that hand once, the puppet will follow your mouse pointer. Click twice and the … Read more

NASA and U.S. Air Force eye chicken fat as jet fuel

Maybe it's to offset the high price of chicken, but NASA and the U.S. Air Force could soon be fueling their aircraft on jet fuel derived from recycled chicken fat.

Seventeen organizations are participating in Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment II, or AAFEX II, to see if hydrotreated renewable jet fuel is a viable, eco-friendly fuel for jets.

"It's made out of chicken fat, actually," said Langley's Bruce Anderson, AAFEX II project scientist. "The Air Force bought many thousands of gallons of this to burn in some of their jets and provided about 8,… Read more