Amazon's new series is decided by you

CNET Update has the power:

Amazon has released pilot episodes for 14 shows, and is asking for feedback from viewers to decide which programs are worthy of continuing. Amazon's dive into original programming comes just as Netflix launches its third series.

Amazon's not the only one with eyes for television. Twitter partnered with BBC America, but details so far are limited to this tweet.

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TomTom dives deeper into the GPS sport watch business

This may not be TomTom's first foray into the GPS sport watch business (that distinction came with the Nike+ SportWatch), but the announcement of the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport are proof that the GPS hardware provider is getting serious about the fitness tech segment.

The Runner and Multi-Sport are based on identical core hardware but feature different software, wristbands, and accessories. The core unit uses a large, high-contrast, monochrome LCD display covered with Gorilla glass, so it should be up to being knocked around a bit. TomTom tells us that the display is not e-ink, but has been … Read more